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Many people want to have victory in life. Many want success in everything they do. In Psalm 20, David prays for victory in the oncoming battle. He asks for God to hand him victory. Other people may trust in other things to gain victory, but David only trusts God.

But just because he doesn’t trust in other ways for success, that doesn’t prevent him from making the “big ask.” David claims that God can do something for him to provide him victory. David prayed to God for victory in his circumstances. God helped him. Just as God helped David, He can also help you. “May He give you what your heart desires and fulfill your whole purpose.” Psalm 20:4 God wants to give victory in your life. It doesn’t matter what kind of challenging or difficult situation you encounter, you have to ask God for His help. God wants to help you and God will lift you up.

We can’t trust in ourselves, our power, our strength. We can only Trust in God to answer us in our time of trouble. So when we ask these requests, God’s answer is always: “Trust Me.”
GOD SAYS: Trust Me
“Some take pride in chariots, and others in horses, but we take pride in the name of Yahweh our God.” (Psalm 20:7)
We should insist that this is not a formula for defeat but a formula for trust. Human resources cannot become a substitute for God’s help.
God is the One who can solve our troubles. We can stand firm because we know God will answer (Psalm 20:8).
We can Trust God. God will not remove all difficulties and crises from our lives, but God is the only one who can bring us through them, and, in so doing, to achieve his purpose in our lives as well.

“I’ll pray for you”. We say it often, but how many times do we do it? Our biggest downfall might not be a lack of compassion—it’s probably just not taking time to write down the request and not having a model of praying for others.

Psalm 20 is such a model, and the psalmist offers some beautiful words for others:
“May Yahweh answer you in the day of trouble.… May he send you help … May he remember all your offerings … May he give to you your heart’s desire … May we shout for you over your victory” (Psalm 20:1–5). And then the psalmist goes on to proclaim God’s goodness and that He will answer (Psalm 20:6). And this is the line I think I love the most: “Some boast in chariots, and others in horses, but we boast in the name of Yahweh, our God. They will collapse and fall, and we will rise and stand firm” (Psalm 20:7–8).
“They will … fall … and we will rise.” We must pray for others with confidence.

Thanks Be To God!
“I don’t know how, but I know WHO!”
Grace and Peace, Pastor Nelda

Reverend Dr. Nelda Barrett Murraine is pastor at First United Methodist Church PO Box 146 – 229 W 4th St. Kennedale, TX 76060

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