Press Release from the Campaign for Eric Morris for TAD


Kennedale residents,


I would like to thank you for being so civically engaged in your community and taking the time to learn more about this critical election that is on your ballot.

My name is Eric Morris and I have lived in Tarrant County my entire life. I currently serve on the City Council for Haltom City. During my time on council, I worked hard to ensure that the residents of Haltom City were put first on the city’s list of priorities. When the citizens of Haltom City asked for a new grocery store, my colleagues and I delivered. We secured an H Mart grocery store and shopping center, an extremely popular chain and entertainment area that has not yet come to Tarrant County. I have a track record of bringing results for voters. That is why I am humbly asking you for your vote for the Tarrant Appraisal District Board of Directors, Place 1.

I wish to serve you as your top taxpayer advocate on the board. TAD has been embroiled in several scandals throughout the past few years. Taxpayers question the legitimacy and accuracy of their appraisals. The website has failed repeatedly. TAD desperately needs to restore public trust. To help solve these problems, I am proposing some policy changes and other efforts to help fix TAD. First, we must ensure that all board members act as taxpayer advocates first and foremost. Voters come first, not taxing entities. Second, we need stricter appraisal limits than what is currently mandated by state law. That is why I am advocating for an annual appraisal increase that does not exceed 5%. I will also work to switch TAD from a yearly appraisal system to every 3 years, to provide more relief, more time for accurate appraisals, and more time for the market to correct before appraisal notices are sent out. If we cannot deliver any of these changes, then I will lobby the legislature for legislative changes that will either allow for more local control or stricter appraisal limits. 


For the first time in Tarrant County history, you have an opportunity to vote for 3 members on the TAD Board of Directors. These three seats are all countywide elections, so all Tarrant County residents will see these elections on their ballot. I cannot do this alone. I need help from strong and experienced community leaders such as CALLIE RIGNEY for TAD Board Place 2 and MATT BRYANT for TAD Board Place 3. We need the whole team if we are to be successful in our efforts to reform TAD. Early voting is April 22 to April 30, and election day is May 4. We will be on the same ballot as your city council and school board. Come on out and make your voice heard. I hope to earn a vote on May 4.

Thank you.


Eric Morris