Press Release: From the Campaign of Bryant Griffith Introduction


Dear Kennedale Residents, 


I hope this message finds you well, and I am grateful for the opportunity to address you as both a servant leader and fellow resident. In times like these, it is crucial to reflect on the values that bind us together and reaffirm our commitment to transparency, truth, and unity. 


George Washington said, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pain taken to bring it to light”. It suggests that despite the challenges and difficulties in various aspects of life, the pursuit of truth and the effort to bring it to light will eventually lead to positive outcomes. This perspective drives me in my political involvement and my Faith in THE Truth leads the way. 


It encourages me to view political involvement not just as a personal choice but as a collective effort toward truth and positive change. Enduring the associated hardships is seen as a contribution to a more just and enlightened society which sews seeds of unity back into our community. Truth will inevitably prevail when earnest efforts are made to bring it to light. In serving you, my mission is to tirelessly pursue the truth, working diligently to ensure that the decisions and actions taken on your behalf are rooted in transparency and honesty. It is only through an unwavering dedication to the truth that we can build trust and foster a sense of community that stands the test of time. 


I have embraced this calling to serve because I firmly believe that those who possess the ability to contribute to the greater good and to endure the hardships that follow, should step forward. This conviction is fueled by faith, not just in a higher power, but in the collective strength and resilience of our community. By answering the call to serve, I embark on a journey to go where I am needed most, guided by the principles of justice, compassion, and fairness. 


Now, more than ever, our community needs leaders who are committed to putting unity back into the community. My purpose in serving you at the city council revolves around this very notion – to bridge divides, foster understanding, and build a community where every voice is heard and valued. Unity is not just a slogan; it is a commitment to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, differences are embraced, and common goals bind us together. 


My campaign, and term in office, will be founded on accountability and community. These are hallmarks of how we will be addressing the collective needs of our citizens. Addressing the impact of inflation and rising tax bills will be priority number one. This will be addressed by economic development, residential growth, and continued strategy to address the rising costs of infrastructure and maintenance needs through community partnerships and grant opportunities. As a new member, and ambassador, of the Kennedale Chamber of Commerce I will leverage my business relationships and network to bring resources, businesses, and community partners to Kennedale. As a member of the Economic Development Corporation, I will continue to be dedicated to reviewing contracts and agreements with community developers to ensure they are favorable to and incentivize expedited developments, specifically in the Town Center Park. This kind of economic development will increase our sales tax revenue, and coupled with residential growth will aid in seeing future tax rate cuts. We will continue to address long-time neglected infrastructure needs to drive down incurred future costs that negatively impact our operational budget. 


In the face of challenges, let us remember that our collective strength lies in our ability to come together, uphold the truth, and build a future that is better for all. I am honored to serve you, and I am dedicated to the values that will guide us towards a brighter, more unified future. 


Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility to serve you. Together, let us work towards a community where truth prevails, unity flourishes, and the bonds that connect us grow ever stronger. 


A servant leader you can count on, 

Bryant Griffith for City Council Place 4 



With sincere gratitude, 

Bryant Griffith 

City Council Place 4 

(682)201 – 7600 

[email protected] 

“Serving the people, Not the politics”