60.9 F
Thursday, December 9, 2021

Wilda’s Wisdom

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Yes, it’s hot, but the most daunting condition for our gardens is no rain.  Most of our plants are adapted to the heat but the lack of moisture is a killer.  I keep telling myself to persevere.  The rain will surely come one of these days.  I’m struggling to keep even the old stand by, crepe myrtle, from wilting and dying.  I have sandy soil so proper watering is always a challenge. 

I do give myself credit for mulching last Spring.  That has helped some.  Now I’m looking forward to a cooler and hopefully wet Fall.  Then I will add the most important thing to the garden – compost, compost and more compost.  I remain compost challenged but I’m still trying to make my own.  In the meantime I’ll buy it.  It’s that important.

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