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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Business Tip – SAKM NetWeavers Meeting at Chili this month

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Do you have a new business or have one that is not growing? Looking for ideas and contacts and want to do it without big membership fee. NetWeavers may be worth checking out.

NetWeavers is a networking group of business professionals who want to grow their businesses by creating mutually beneficial relationships. {{more}}NetWeavers is about encouraging one another and being a source of information, education and support to help each other increase the bottom dollar as well as learn how to make clients become clients for life

SAKM Netweavers (South Arlington, Kennedale, Mansfield) was modeled after several other successful Netweavers groups throughout Dallas. The goal is to bring the unique and effective Netweavers approach to networking to Southeast Tarrant county. The approach is very unique in that this is not a for-profit organization putting these together, but simply professionals who wish to truly network their businesses and contacts together to benefit others.

The group was first organized in 2010 now has 200 members are mostly small to medium size businesses and start-ups. Memberships is free, the cost is the $1 fee at lunchtime and the cost of your lunch. Drop-ins are welcome.

The next meeting is Monday, December 16 at Chili’s on Cost to attend is $1 plus lunch. A set lunch price is $9 which is optional but encouraged.

The organizer of the December meeting is president and founder Mark Feuling. For more information see SAKMN

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