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Saturday, August 13, 2022

CDC Warns of Inevitible Cases of Coronavirus

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Global Pandemic?

The CDC changed its warning today about the “inevitable” spread of the coronavirus into the United States. This comes shortly after Italy reporting new cases outside of their quarantine and new countries reporting confirmed cases. {{more: continue …}}

?It?s not a question of if this will happen but when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illnesses.? CDC Official – Washington Post

?We believe the immediate risk here in the United States remains low and we?re working hard to keep that risk low,? Anne Schuchat, the CDC?s principal deputy director – Washington Post

The CDC is warning the public to expect a disruption in daily lives as school closures and business markets are expected to be disrupted. They are encouraging the public to conduct business meetings via videoconferencing, to take precautions when going out in public, and instructions on school closures if necessary.

What is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a family of infectious diseases found in animals. The current coronavirus, first found in Wuhan, China, is the first case of this family of viruses infecting humans. The virus is a respiratory disease that is spread through the air. The virus is viral pneumonia with the symptoms of coughing, fever, with severe cases reporting organ failure. Antibiotics will not help. Recovery is based on the strength of your immune system. High-risk patients include patients with immune diseases and the elderly.

To date, the virus has 80,000 confirmed cases, 2700 deaths, and 28,000 recovered cases, effecting 34 countries, with China having the majority of cases. (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)

How will it affect us?

Besides the global implications of a global pandemic, the infection has caused market losses across the world. Yesterday, the United States had the greatest net loss since its dramatic rise three years ago. The market in Italy lost 5.5% as towns and soccer matches shutdown. Towns in Taiwan and China have empty shelves of food and supplies, as citizens stock up on freshwater and food. In the United States, the spread can not only cause fear in investors, which could cause our economy to falter, but a run on food, gas, and water could cause shortages until supply lines can restock.

Don’t Panic

The worst thing we can do right now is panic. Take precautions and keep up to date on the current details of this virus. Stock up and clean water and non-perishable foods, as instructed by the CDC. Keep petty cash on you. Wash your hands. Do not touch your face. Remember, the current flu is going around right now and they are very similar in symptoms. Although we have a confirmed case, the virus currently hasn?t spread beyond quarantines in the United States.

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