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Council looks to improve safety of students walking to school, discusses “8-liners”

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On February 18, the Kennedale City Council met in regular session and considered a number of items including ways to provide safer routes to and from school, pinning of a new firefighter and a report on regulations of ?eight-liners.? {{more: continue …}}

Work Session ?

  • Burleson Mayor Ken Shetter offered a brief presentation regarding two Ordinances adopted by Burleson aimed at addressing particularly harmful aspects of domestic violence victimization.

These Ordinances were developed in partnership with One Safe Place Family Justice Center of Tarrant County and address “Protection of Children Exposed to Unjustified Violence (Child Witnesses)” and “Strangulation Protocol”.

  • Reviewed information on Game Room regulations. Under Texas law, “game rooms” featuring simple slot machines (often called “eight-liners”) are generally allowed as long as prizes are not paid in cash and are not worth more than ten (10) times the cost of one play or $5.00 – whichever is less.?

The statute provides for the permitting and regulation of these gaming rooms at the County level. At their November 12, 2019 meeting, the Tarrant County Commissioners Court ? in an effort to further regulate these establishments as well as offer municipalities the opportunity to exercise more local control ? unanimously adopted a 29-page Game Room Regulations, effective April 1, 2020. See draft ILA Game Room Regulation

  • Presentation and discussion regarding the 46th Annual Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program proposal by the City of Kennedale for rehabilitation of water lines along Third Street which would include installation of a new lines, moving away from asbestos concrete and galvanized lines to pvc piping.

Regular Session ?

  • Pinning (swearing-in) Ceremony of a new Kennedale Fire Department firefighter, Kinsmon Lancaster, classified as Driver Engineer.
  • Adoption of a resolution in support of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plan for infrastructure improvements in the Crestdale area around James F. Delaney Elementary and James A. Arthur Intermediate Schools and the 2020 application for SRTS funding.?
If funding is approved, the plan calls for new sidewalks in the Crestview with improved pedestrian connects to s to James F. Delaney Elementary and James A. Arthur Intermediate Schools. See Staff Report, See Sidewalk/Crossing Site Plan, See Traffic ?Calming? Proposals.
  • Adoption of Resolution 567 and 568, approving the sale of 7215 Bloxom Park Road, real property owned by the Economic Development Corporation (EDC). The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) owns two properties in the Bloxom Industrial Park: 7215 Bloxom Park Road and 7224 Bloxom Park Road.?

Each of these properties is approximately one acre of vacant land. At the EDC Board?s request, staff listed each of the properties for sale at market rate, based on recent comparable sales. The EDC Board hopes that sale of these properties will encourage private development of the lots, which would generate jobs and property tax revenue. Resolution 567 and Resolution 568.

  • Conduct a public hearing and approved a request by Azam Shaikh for a replat of approximately 1 acre of land at 800 Shady Bend Drive, legal description of Block 1, Lot 36, Shady Creek East Addition, Kennedale, Tarrant County, Texas. The applicant has requested to re-plat his property located at 800 Shady Bend Drive to create two lots from the single lot with the intent to build another home on the property. If approved the replat would maintain the existing residential requirement of minimum ? acre (R-1) per lot.
See complete agenda and attachments at Kennedale

City Council Agenda Feb 18, 2020

Council Meeting You Tube Video:

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