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Friday, December 4, 2020

City lowers speed limit on part of Kennedale Parkway

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Last week the Kennedale City Council approved a change in the speed limit for a portion of Kennedale Parkway from I-20 to Village Creek. The change would drop the speed limit from 45 to 40 miles per hour. {{more:[read more]}}

Chief {{t2:Tommy Williams: }} made the request, citing the increased in traffic accidents. According to the request the increase in development activity near I-20 and Kennedale Parkway has kept the Kennedale Police Department busy. The accidents stem from left turning movements to or from QT, Popeye?s, and Burger King; and the speed limit of 45 mph.

The City is working with TxDOT to design safety improvements in the area including the installation of a median, access interconnections between QT and Popeye?s/Burger King, and the extension of Link Street. Modifications to the speed limit (from 45 mph to 40 mph) should help along with the others modifications.
The speed limit is already 40 mph from Village Creek through Kennedale.

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