Kennedale High School has sent 45 students this year to compete in the annual state tournament in Belton, Texas.

Coach/Sponsor Wilcox posted the following information about the makeup of this year’s team.

13 Freshmen

13 Sophomores

15 Juniors

4 Seniors

Made up of:

28 – 1st year archers

12- 2nd year archers

4- 3rd year archers

1- 4 year archer

However the results pan out for this year, we have gained valuable tournament experience that can not be simulated other than in the actual arena when the final results are actually determined. We are a very young team and will continue to get better every day that the kids are putting in the work.

Many of these [following] schools start NASP archery in the 4th grade. They enter high school with up to 5 years of tournament experience. Allen, Kaufman, Arlington, Eustace, Argyle, and Brock have their own dedicated archery facilities they can use before, during, and after school without having to set up, move targets and equipment, hang curtains, and put everything away daily. That makes a huge difference in the sheer hours of practice time they can get in during the school year. We are making great strides, and will only continue to get better as we go.

Note: The tournament began on Wednesday with one group of KHS students competing on the first day followed by the second group on Thursday.