Kennedale City Council member Julie Jacobson announces resignation


Julie Jacobson (Place 3) has announced her resignation from her elected position on the Kennedale City Council citing personal reasons related to a recent death in her family.

Jacobson was elected in May of this year in an upset election of sitting council member Chris Pugh. She won by 141 votes (54% to 44%) campaigning on a platform of limited city expenditure, reduced taxes and maintaining Kennedale’s small-town atmosphere.

Kennedale City Council members are elected to a two-year term of office. She would have been up for re-election in 2023.

The following is her statement released yesterday and post on the Kennedale News Facebook page.

To the Great Citizens of Kennedale and Fellow Councilmembers,
Serving Kennedale these past seven months has been one of the most rewarding and educational experiences. It is also an honor of which I will forever be grateful. 
My father's recent passing has affected my life in ways I did not anticipate. It has unavoidably dictated changes to my plans. Of these changes, it has become clear that consolidating into one location and home is necessary. Because of this, I will no longer have my residence in Kennedale, and must, therefore, announce my resignation from the Kennedale City Council. 
I feel a strong responsibility to Kennedale voters and fulfilled the role of a council member to the best of my ability. I served as long as my residence remained in Kennedale, which is coming to its end, in order to help complete Council's most important task, to successfully hire a new city manager. 
It is important to hire a city manager who most values Kennedale's interests and values; who will follow Councils' directives instead of expecting Council to follow his. 
It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Kennedale. I appreciate the support of everyone who wants what is best for our city. I will continue to serve in any capacity approved by Council, as I plan to continue to be involved with the development of the City of Kennedale and the endeavors of its citizens. Thank you all for this opportunity. I enjoyed my involvement with City Council and I am confident in the direction current City Council is moving.
I’m impressed with the hard work and effort of Council; and appreciate the unique experiences of each member, which helps Kennedale to reach the best possible outcomes for its citizens. I encourage everyone to become more involved in local elections, policy, and planning. For Kennedale to remain the home we enjoy and to promise that Kennedale becomes as prosperous as we hope, it will truly take everyone being concentrated on directing the proper outcomes for the future we envision.
Respectfully, Julie Jacobson

The position could be part of the upcoming May elections.  It would be for the remainder of her term with the winner of that contest facing election again in May 2023, this time for a two-year term.

The Council could also decide to appoint a temporary replacement for the position to serve until the new election.