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Kennedale Police Incident Reports Oct 4 – Oct 17, 2020

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The following is based on the City of Kennedale Police reports for the time period given. This does not include calls for which no report was written, and some of these offenses — after further investigation — may be deemed unfounded. Read more @ http://www.cityofkennedale.com/99/Police

Police Reports

Incident Reports: 10/04/20 – 10/10/20 …

10/6 — Public Intoxication Mansfield Cardinal Road At 10:50 a.m. officers responded to a welfare check. An adult female was reported to be asleep in a vehicle. The female was awakened but seemed confused and was unable to answer officers’ questions. Her car keys were found outside of the vehicle. The female was unable to successfully complete a field sobriety assessment. She was placed under arrest for public intoxication and transported to jail. 

10/6 — Hit and Run Accident E. IH 20 At 11:30 a.m. an officer received a report of a hit and run accident. An adult female victim reported that her vehicle was struck by another vehicle while in a parking lot. The victim was inside of the business at the time but a witness gave her the suspect vehicle description and license plate number. 

10/5 — Disorderly Conduct (Fighting) Oakwood Lane At 4:35 p.m. officers responded to a report of a person with a gun. On arrival, officers discovered a neighbor dispute that had erupted from an argument into a physical fight. None of the suspects involved in the fight were present at the time of the report.

10/6 — Hit and Run Accident Shady Vale Drive At 8:14 p.m. At 8:14 p.m. a victim reported that an unknown vehicle had caused damage to her parked vehicle. The suspect did not stop and leave information after the accident. 

10/7 — Missing Person (Juvenile) North Road At 12:20 p.m. an officer received a report of a missing juvenile male. The male had not been seen for two days and was believed to be in the company of a juvenile female. 

10/8 — Sex Offender (Duty to Register) Hudson Village Creek Road On 09/23/2020 a detective was notified that a registered sex offender was at large and wanted by Arlington police. The offender had been arrested earlier in the year for failing to register as a sex offender. The offender was released by the Tarrant County jail without the detective being made aware. Numerous efforts were made over several days to locate and arrest the offender, an adult male who is homeless. On 10/08/2020 the detective obtained a warrant for the offender’s arrest for failure to register. 

10/9 — Assault Bodily Injury (Family Violence) W. Kennedale Parkway At 2:37 p.m. an officer observed a domestic disturbance in a business parking lot. A female and male were in a physical altercation. The female stated that the fight was over a problem in their relationship. The female reported that she was pregnant with the male’s child. The female admitted to assaulting the male. She was arrested for the assault and transported to jail.

10/9 — DWI, Possession Marijuana W. Kennedale Parkway At 7:39 p.m. officers responded to a motor vehicle accident. A vehicle driver was interviewed and appeared to be intoxicated. The driver refused to submit to a field sobriety assessment. An open can of beer for found in the vehicle, still cold. He was also in possession of a small amount of marijuana. He was arrested for the offenses and transported to jail. 

10/9 — Theft $750 to $2,500 Mansfield Cardinal Road At 11:07 p.m. a victim reported that an unknown person(s) removed a number of construction materials from a construction site. 

10/9 — Theft $100 to $750 E. Kennedale Parkway At 6:42 p.m. an officer received a report of two stolen catalytic converters. The parts were taken from customer vehicles left for repair at a mechanic’s shop. 

Incident Reports: 10/11/20 – 10/17/20 …

10/13 — Fraudulent Use/Possession of Identifying Info N. Little School Road At 12:46 p.m. a victim reported that an unknown person(s) opened an unauthorized on-line credit account. The victim discovered the fraudulent account when she was contacted that the account was delinquent.

10/16 — Missing Person (Juvenile) North Road At 5:41 p.m. an officer received a report of a runaway juvenile male. The runaway is believed to be in the company of a female juvenile friend.

10/16 — Burglary of Vehicle Tealcove Drive At 6:34 a.m. a victim reported that someone entered his unsecured vehicle during the overnight hours. Unknown person(s) removed a driver’s license, a Social Security card, and a credit card. 

NOTE: The above items are based on police reports. They do not include calls for which no report was written, and some of these offenses — after further investigation — may be deemed unfounded. Therefore, this data should not be viewed as or used to calculate official statistics. See more @ Kennedale Police Department

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