Press Release From The Campaign of Julie Jacobson For City Council Place 3

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Kennedale is unique in its small-town feel, while being adjacent to big city living.  Kennedale needs representation that will protect that history and encourage growth for the city and its residents in a way that is beneficial to the people and promotes a healthy business climate.

Julie Jacobson has lived in Kennedale since 2014 and in the area since 1992.  She began her Law Office in Kennedale in 2010, working as an Attorney & Mediator; helping to aid North Texas Families in difficult times.  She has been appointed to hundreds of cases involving child welfare services, her favorite of which were to advocate for and represent children.  Helping people, especially at trying times, has been her passion.

In today’s political theatre, and here at home in Kennedale, it is incumbent on the citizens to take back their communities; to ensure that government is held accountable for its policies and spending; to promote and better serve the community.  Government accountability and people’s voice in government is indispensable. 

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