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Jan’s thirty-year career in the travel industry started with Braniff Airlines and ended as Operations Manager/Account Manager and acting Travel Manager with BCD Travel at Alcon Laboratories until 2007.  There she handled Alcon’s $20,000,000 travel needs including airline contracts, hotel contracts, car contracts, online booking tools, group travel, executive travel needs.   Her responsibilities also included managing an onsite operations staff of 15 and presenting to Senior Management the quarterly travel budget.   Jan’s favorite part of her career was helping people reach their goals, networking to create win/win opportunities, meeting the day-to-day needs of staff, management, and customers.

While committed to success, whether professionally or in serving her community, Jan’s primary focus has always been her family.  She and her husband Scott have four children (two graduates from Kennedale 2003 & 2010) and six granddaughters.  Jan is an avid walker.  Residents and the occasional passerby in the Crestdale neighborhood have grown accustomed to her daily walks there.

As Kennedale Councilmember from 2017 to 2019, I was proud to represent the people of our city.  My main goals during this time were to re-establish the trust in our city government by lowering the unreasonably high water rates, holding the City Manager accountable for the accuracy and completeness of information presented to council, and controlling the budget in order to lower taxes.  Water rates were lowered twice and the taxes were lower than proposed both years.  While some would say two out of three isn’t bad, holding our City Manager accountable has proven to be a critical element that must be achieved in order to restore this trust and accountability.

Your vote is key to making these changes happen.  Your vote made the difference before, and it will again.

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