Who are we in Kennedale?


The following is based on information from the US Census Bureau that includes 2020 data along with survey data collected prior to the 2020 census for the City of Kennedale, 76060.  Link: Kennedale @ https://data.census.gov/cedsci/profile?g=1600000US4838896 United States @ https://data.census.gov/cedsci/profile?q=United%20States&g=0100000US

A quick summation – The average Kennedalian is in their late 30’s, probably white but maybe not, married with at least one child maybe two, a good chance of having college hours may be a degree, working in education, or maybe manufacturing/construction.

What the census tells us …

  • We are somewhere around 38.1 years old (median age) which reflects the national figure of 38.5. Over a fourth of us are 18 or under (26.4%). A smaller number of us can be classified in the category of 65 years or older (15.3% compared to 16.5% nationally).  Nearly 5% are 85 or older (4.6%).
  • 7.4% of us are veterans compared to 6.9% nationally.
  • 9.1% of us fall in the category with disabilities which is less than the national figure of 12.7%.
  • A majority of us are white (57.5% compared to 58.1% nationally) but there is a lot of diversity.  Almost a quarter of us are Hispanic/Latino (24.3% compare to 18.7% nationally). Nearly one out of 10 of us are Black or African American, 9.7% compare to 12.4% nationally and there is a group of us that are Asian (6.7% compared to 6% nationally).
  • One out of five or 20.8% of us speaks a language other than English at home which compares to 22% nationally.
  • Foreign-born residents account for 12.6% of the population compared to 13.7% nationally.
  • Our ancestral roots are varied including (in rounded figures) English 8%, Irish 7%, German 6%, Italian 5% with a touch of Scottish at 3%, and French with 2%.
  • For the most part, we have done the school thing but rank below the national average. At least eight out of 10 (83.7%) of us have a high school or better education which compares to 88.6% nationally. More than a quarter of us at 28.7% have a college degree or better. It is 33.1% nationally.
  • Most of us are married and beat the national average, 57.9% compared to 47.6% nationally. We live in a family which numbers between 3 and 4 people but closer to just three (3.3).
  • One out of ten of us have been divorced (10.4% compared to 10.9% national) and a quarter has never been married (25.6% to 33.9% nationally). Five out of 100 of us are widowed (5.4% to 5.7% nationally).
  • We have fewer single-parent homes, 34.9% as compared to 45.9% nationally.
  • The majority of us do okay income-wise, as we have a median household income of $77,763 compared to $65,712 nationally. Married couples’ median income shoots up to $107,500 median income which beats the national mean of $96,571. 
  • While 4.1% of us live in the classification of poverty it is significantly lower than the 12.3% figure nationally.
  • If we have lived here long, we have had a chance to meet and greet a number of newbies. From 2010 to 2020 we added 1,754 new residents for a 28.2% growth.  Of course, some of these were by birth since 8% of us are 5 years old or younger.
  • We live in housing, including rentals, that have at least 2 to 3 bedrooms (68.5%). A quarter of us has housing that has 4 or more bedrooms (26.2%).
  • The median rent for housing in Kennedale is $944 compared to $1097 nationally with 61.1 % of us paying between $500 to $999 monthly. Nationally 56.7% pay $1000 or more.
  • Most of us are employed by a private business (67.9%) while just shy of one-fifth of us (18.6%) work for the local, state, or federal government (14.0% nationally). A few work for a non-profit (5.3%) and a few more work for themselves (8.3%).
  • As far as types of jobs, we are strong in the public service field with more than 1 out of five employed in education, health care, or social assistance fields, 21.7% which almost matches the national figure of 23.3%.
  • Manufacturing and construction account for at least 1 out 4 jobs or 27.2% while nationally that figure is 16.9%. The rest are scattered between retail, food service, finance, real estate, transportation, and information.
  • We spend an average of 29 minutes commuting to work one way while nationally the figure is a little less at 27.6 minutes. 

Note: This is dated information and some of this may have changed over the past two years.