The UIL Area playoff is where things pick up. It is usually where the #1 seed from one district faces off against the #2 seed from another. This one is following the script. And, unlike the bi-district game, this one will be a best-of-three series testifying to its potential competitiveness.

  • Game One is Thursday, May 4 at Aubrey High School. First pitch 6:30 pm.
  • Game Two will be Friday, May 5 at Kennedale High School. First pitch 5 pm.
  • Game Three, if needed, will follow immediately after Game Two 2 at Kennedale High School.

Team comparison (data by MaxPreps) …


  • Kennedale is 17 -10, 7-3, a 2nd seed from District 10/4A, and is coming off a 27-2 win over FtW Diamond Hill-Jarvis, a 3rd seed from District 9/4A. It was a one-game series in the bi-district round.
  • Aubrey is 27-6, 8-0, 1st seed from District 11/4A, and coming off a 16-0 win over Dallas Wilmer-Hutchins, a 4th seed from District 12/4A. It was a one-game series in the bi-district round.

Win percentage:

Aubrey has a season-winning percentage of .818 and a district-win percentage of 1.000.
Kennedale has a season win percentage of .630 and a district win percentage of .700.

Head-to-head/Common Opponents:

There were no common opponents or head-to-head games with these two teams this season.


  • Aubrey has averaged 8.5 runs, 9.1 hits, and 1.2 errors per game this season. Runs for 241, Runs against 193 (56/44).
  • Kennedale has averaged 8.9 runs, 8.8 hits, and 3.4 errors per game this season. Runs for 281, and runs against 69 (80/20).

Batting average:

  • .388 KN /.367 Aubrey

On base percentage:

  • .494 KN/.459 Aubrey

Slugging percentage:

  • .582 KN/.540 Aubrey

Fielding percentage:

  • .940 Aubrey/.850 KN

Links: MaxPreps; UIL State Playoff Bracket 2023; Class 4A Region 2&4 PLayoff Bracket (Kennedale included)