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Preparing for a Winter Storm on a Larger Scale!

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We all know what we should be doing to make ready our homes and cars for freezing temperatures.

  1. Bring in your pets.
  2. Winterize your outside hydrants.
  3. Leave your faucets dripping.
  4. Set your heat a bit higher than usual and leave open cabinets in front of your sinks.
  5. Check your antifreeze in your car.
  6. stock up on groceries, candles and bottled water.
  7. Make sure your meds are filled.
  8. Check on the elderly.
  9. Have your propane tanks topped off.
  10. Make sure you have chargers for phones and a battery powered radio is always good.

But, think about this. What if you have to prepare on a much larger scale? Kennedale News interviewed Stegall’s Nursery and Plant Farm, our local go to Spring plant supplier. This time of the year is their busiest work schedule.

No rest for any of our friends at Stegall’s

KN: What has this week been like at Stegall’s Nursery, leading up to the predicted Winter Storm?

Trish Stegall: Here is some of what has to be done prior to a winter storm. We were in the middle of planting the last of the 3800 sun impatiens. It’s very time consuming since they go in the 5 inch trays.  Any ways, we finished about 2:30 pm. Took 2 full days.

3800 Sunpatiens potted and watered in.

We still had to keep up with the unusual jobs but added all the little extras needed for preparing for winter weather.  First and most importantly all plants, indoors and outside have to be watered. All the trees and shrubs also. Having wet roots helps protect plants from severe freezing temperatures.

KN: After all the watering, what about all your miles and miles of long hoses you have for watering and drip irrigations throughout the nursery?

Trish Stegall: There are 9 sprinkler boxes that have to run 4 – 8 station on each, then be turned off. All hoses have to be detached from outside spigots. The pipes were wrapped earlier in the season. 

Every drip line has a basket on it. And more on the floor.

KN: How do you heat your greenhouses if there is no sunshine?

Trish Stegall: If no sun it will be a challenge keeping the temperature up.  Heaters are set to run at 48-50 degrees. Propane was delivered today and all 4 tanks were topped off. Heaters will be turned on in the well houses to keep the pumps from freezing. Vehicles moved to protected areas.

KN: During the storm what do you have to do?

Trish Stegall: Once the icing starts it’ll be a constant check of the roofs to monitor any build up. Not much can be done while the storm is on going. We pray a lot. 

KN: What if you loose power?

Trish Stegall: We’re as prepared as possible, our generator will kick on if we lose power. It’ll run as long as we have propane.   So we pray it won’t be as bad as last February when propane ran out and we couldn’t get a delivery! 

KN: Can you tell us what other jobs you are doing in preparation for Spring?

Trish Stegall: A semi truck of soil from Canada is due today. We have almost 2000 perennial plugs due next week , so we need the dirt!!!!!  We are hoping against hope that the truck can get here. It’s a busy time in the greenhouses, anticipating spring!

KN: Thank you for giving this inside look to just what a Winter Storm means for your family. All of us here at Kennedale News and our readers will be praying it won’t be a repeat of last February’s devastating Winter Storm. We know you lost so many of your plants, shrubs and trees. We are all looking forward to Spring at Stegall’s

Please follow Stegall’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/welove2garden

For more info check out their GREAT website! http://www.stegallsnursery.com/

Stegall’s Nursery & Plant Farm, Inc. is a family-owned nursery with a huge variety of plants, trees, bushes, herbs, and more. They have been a family-owned business since 1998 and are located at 5652 Wilson Rd. Ft. Worth, TX 76140 – Just 2.5 miles from Old Town Kennedale. Make sure to visit them this Spring!

Spring time at Stegall’s

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