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2019 KHS Salutatorian Speech

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Jay Acosta is the Kennedale High School Class

of 2019 Salutatorian. Jay is the son of Jose and Norma. He will be attending the University of Texas at Austin,

where he plans to major in Computer Science.??{{more: continue …}}

Jay received the University of Texas Presidential

Scholarship, worth $20,000.

Jay was member of the 2019 KHS Science and

Computer Science Teams, both which placed in the top 3 at the UIL State

Academic Meet. He was 1st Chair saxophone in the Wildcat Band and was named to the

All Region Jazz Band. He as a member of the

KHS Marching Band that finished in the top 5 at the UIL State Marching Contest

in 2018.

Jay wants to have his own software company and to be an entrepreneur.
The following is his speech to the Class of 2019 …?
Greetings ladies and gentleman. It is my great pleasure to be here delivering the salutatorian address because for the past three years I have been able to sit with the band during graduation and listen to some of the most intelligent, ingenious students of Kennedale High School.?
Through these three years, one thing has become apparent: people saying to “follow your dreams” sounds good and all, but that Chick-fil-A sandwich I just imagined sounds even better.
Let’s face it. When I was sitting in the audience as you are now, I thought, “why should I listen to some random guy speak in a college basketball stadium about chicken sandwiches”? And to that I say, I’m here, you’re there, so let’s go this over with.
I?d like to start by giving thanks. To my father, mother, and sister, Jeannette, I am truly thankful for the experiences and knowledge you have given me. I don’t know of anyone else that is willing to wake me up at 5 AM to go to a competition or tournament.
I’d also like to thank some of my close friends. For example, our very own UIL academic state team thought it would be great to bring a toaster, sing and dance to K-pop, and avoid any possible noise complaints from the hotel owners. But because of experiences such as these, they continue to push me to the extremes.
But just as my friends have changed who I am, I hope you find inspiration from some of the words of wisdom from my greatest mentors. Warning: we have now reached the somewhat serious part of the speech. If you get easily distracted by fast food items as I do, feel free to join us in approximately sixty seconds.

No matter where life will take you, you will inevitably be faced with disappointment. Disappointment will try to ruin you. It will weigh you down. But disappointment is not the same as failure. To me, I see disappointment as a feeling, but failure as an action. You may have a lingering feeling of disappointment over your head, but unless you say the words, “I have failed,” you will remain resilient.

Although all of this seems rather trivial, don’t worry about disappointment’s arrival. Worrying won’t do anything. Instead, take a moment to reflect. Think about what you have done. Think, is this the best path for me? Have I changed myself? The community? The world? If you answered no, I say to you one thing: change. Change your perspective and actions to what you truly seek to accomplish.
It has been an honor to speak in front of this class. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to my seat and dream about that Chick-fil-A sandwich.
Thank you, Class of 2019. Best of luck to all.
?Note: This is the written version of the speech given at graduation, May 26, 2019.

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