20 & 30 Years Ago this WeeK as Seen in the Kennedale News

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20 YEARS AGO – 10/29/92

KISD Trustees reviewed plans for a new elementary (editor note: future R.F. Patterson) by August 1994, expanding the existing elementary (James Arthur) and high school by August 1995, completing a new junior high by August 1996 (editor note: later changed to a new high school), and converting the existing junior high into an administrative service center.

Wildcats defeated Whitney 30-13

88 people participated in the Kennedale Klassic Run. Some of the winners were: 5K Male 11& under -Sean Petty (1), John Alldredge (2) and Dusty Davis (3) Female ? Sheryl Valentine (1); Male 12-15 ? Jason Greenfield (1), John Wright (2); Male 25-29 ? John Petty (1), Paul Petty (2); Male 60 & over Bob ?Bullet? Roberts (1). In the 1 mile run Male 9 & under ? Hugo Rico (1), David Branch (2), Adam {{more}} Wallace (3), Female ? Jessica Barboza (1), Lisa Wright (2), Colleen Flanagan (3); Male 10-12 ? David Enriquez (1), Shawn Riley (2), Female ? Joni Greenfield (1); Dane Southard won the Male 13-15; in the 40+ Ed Farmer edged out Bill Abbott; and, in the Female 20+ category Loretta Stewart crossed over before Judy Barton and Cally Everett.

Kennedale reported 25 ambulance runs in September.

KYA Cowboys won tittle defeating the Ridglea Roughnecks and Hallmark. The offense was led by Brandon and Brian Knox along with Justin Rubles and the defense was led by Kevin Henderson, Jared Hurt and Adam Singer. The KYA Cowboys cheerleaders performed at the halftime of the Dallas Cowboy/Kansas City Chiefs game in Texas Staduim

KYA Red Raiders roll over the Azle Longhorns 40-0, coached by Rick Raschall, Roger Duncan, Ronnie and Jerry McGlothin. Cheerleaders were listed as Nicole Bird, Alexandria Carroll, Tara Christensen, Nicole Cromer, Kristie Guarnera, Maeghan Hurt, Jessica Hurt, Jennifer Infante, Stephanie Keeton, Lindsay Keagans, Amy Latimer, Sissy Nicholson, Tiffany Shirley, Kim Thrasher, Alicia Walker and Lindsey Warmbier.

30 years ago:

The Kennedale Varsity Volleyball team won 2nd place in district 3A-11 ? players are Dion Cunningham, Nicole Stevens, Michelle Torres, Robyn Cooley, Rita Elrod, Penny Warn and Michelle Boortz.

KISD Trustees set the tax rate at $1.01 which is lower than the rate of $1.35 the previous year. Said Superintendent J.W. Teague, ?I won?t lie to you – some people are going to pay more because of their higher valuations.? School Board President is Bobby Platt.

?A? Honor Roll Students at Kennedale Primary are Rina Beredo, Allen Berry, Shandra Brown, Tommy Eakins, Kristi Patterson, Matt Wright.

?A? Honor Roll Students at James Arthur are Kelly Compton, Jason Conditt, Mitzi Curry, Kim Klein, Kenny Anderson, Jeremy McCuistion, Chelsea Lackey, Lisa Nelson, Frances Chenault, Eric Posa, Janelle Hitt, Scott McKeown, Erika Powell, Tina Waldrop and Melissa Clardy.

Wildcats lose to Cedar Hill 33-19. Scott Prater finished the game with 6 receptions and 77 yards. Scott Prater and Clint Batchelor are Wildcats of the Week.

Wildcat JV team ties game with Cedar Hill led by Bo Platt, Mike Washington, Duane Thomas, Bobby Jones, Bob Cooley, Bubba Long, Wayne Brown, Doug Chandley, Pat Hindman, Kerry Petty and Russell Kelley. The Cedar Hill coach said this about the Wildcat JV, ?They are a scrappy bunch and showed a lot of poise.?

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