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8-liners seized, public intoxication and good citizen all part of weekly police report

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As usual there was some variety to incidents in the weekly police for the week of October 20-26, 2013.
On Sunday of that week, a good Samaritan turned in a wallet to the police that had been found in the street on Autumnwood Court. The wallet contained no money but {{more}}did have identification and a credit card indicating the owner. The wallet was placed in property and evidence until the owner could be contacted.?
Tuesday, an undercover investigation in the 700 block of Kennedale Parkway found eight liner machines that were being used to play and win cash. An administrative search and seizure warrant for the games’ motherboards and the cash being held on premises was issued and served.
On Wednesday, October 23, the police arrested an individual for public intoxication in the vicinity of Burger Box, apparently this same individual had been involved in a fender-bender earlier at Little and Pennsylvania He supposedly told the other party involved he was drunk and gave her cash to fix her car.
The following is the incident weekly report.?
10/20?? Found Property; ?400 block Municipal Dr

10/20?? Assault-Contact; ?700 block Kennedale Pkwy

10/21?? Burglary of Vehicle, Burglary of Building; 400 block Coker Valley Dr

10/22?? Possession of Control Substance PG 1 < 1G; ?5700 block I-20 Service Rd

10/22?? Gambling Promotion; ?700 block Kennedale Pkwy

10/22?? Theft 1500 < 20K; ?7300 block Batchelor Rd

10/22?? Theft 50 < 500; ?1200 block Little School Rd

10/23?? Alcohol-Public Intoxication; ?400 block Kennedale Pkwy

10/24?? Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; 700 block Kennedale Pkwy

10/24?? Possession of Control Substance PG 1 < 1G; ?1300 block Kennedale Pkwy

10/25?? Burglary of Vehicle; ?1200 block Kennedale Pkwy

10/25?? Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; ?1200 block Kennedale Pkwy

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These statistics are based on police reports. They do not include calls where no report was written. Some of the offenses, after further investigation may be deemed unfounded. In other words, this data should not be construed as official statistics.



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