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A LOOK BACK: Kennedale School(s) as seen in 1942

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The students of Kennedale High School had just dedicated the newest edition of The Kennedale Kat school annual (year book) with the following words.? {{more: continue …}}
?To the United States of America and the ideas of Liberty for which it stands and the men who are fighting to preserve it, this annual is respectfully dedicated.?
The year was 1942 …
Japan had attacked America at Pearl Harbor at the end of 1941 and America was at war. Across the nation, America was in the midst of the largest mobilization in the nation?s history. Almost overnight factories and businesses were converted in to producers of war materials and weapons of war. Americans were being sent all over the world to places that they had only seen on globes in their elementary classrooms.
Sometimes it is forgotten that even in times of war, life goes on. Church on Sunday, school on Monday and business and farming never stop.
War or peace life goes on …?
In the school year of 1941-42, the ?seniors? of Kennedale High School were about to come of age in the kind of times they were used to reading about in history books. It has to be noted these seniors were not graduating into the arms of the army. In 1942, the Kennedale school system only went to grade 10. In other words, when the high school annual speaks of their juniors and seniors, it is really talking about 9th and 10 grade students. These students would be at least 2 – 4 years away from active service.?

But it is interesting to note the names of those who would be shaped by the dramatic world events that were occurring. The United States who refused the world leadership after WWI was forced to accept this position by the end of the WWII. And, these future adults would give birth to the ?baby boomer? generation.

Class of 1942 ? Class officers😕President ? Imogene Wreay; Vice ? President Jeriene Rodgers; Secretary/Treasurer ? Jim Ballow; Social Chairman ? Billie Wrey; and Reporter ? Mary Joe Wilson.?
  • Colors:?Green and White
  • Motto: ?Let?s today?s best be tomorrow?s starting point.?
  • Sponsor: Mr. James Arthur
  • Class Prophecy:?
Behind you the waiting, before you the strife;

Behind you the growing, before you is life!


Behind you the planning, before you the deed

? so forth to battle, to dare and to do ?

the world with its problems is waiting you.


There were justed 10 members listed as seniors that year and 12 in the junior class.

Member of Class of 1942 were:
  • Imogene Wreay: Softball; 4-H Club; Annual Staff; Class President; Charming, good natured, full of fun; ?Imy? is loved by every one.


  • Jeriene Rodgers; 4H Club; Annual Staff; Class Vice-President; Jeriene is fond of gum.
  • Jim Ballow: Soft Ball; Track; Tennis; 4H Club; Annual Staff; Class Secretary and Treasurer. ?Remember O Sole O Mio?
  • Frances Young: Soft Ball; 4H Club; Tennis; Annual Staff. A girl who works, who dreams and hopes, whose friendship is a prize.
  • Billy Brown: Soft Ball; 4H Club; Tennis; Annual Staff. A friend to all and a good sport.
  • Bettie Brown: 4H Club. Sweet and a true friend to all.
  • Bernard Batchelor: Soft Ball; 4H Club. Black curly hair, a Romeo, and the handsome type.
  • Billie Wreay: Softball; Volley Ball; 4H Club; Class Social Chairman. Her thoughts were many, but her words were few.
  • J. L. Chambers: Soft Ball; 4H Club. Bob Hope II and full of pep and wit.
  • Mary Jo Wilson: Soft Ball; Volley Ball; 4H Club; Annual Staff; Class Reporter. The warm ray glowing in heart, shines forth in her hair.?
Mr. James Arthur …?Mrs. Pauline Renick …?Mrs. Ina Mae Roberson …?Mrs. Maurine Perkins …?Mrs. Leta May Gaby …?Mrs Lila B. Race …?Miss Rosa May Henson …?Mrs. Minta Lois Wynne.
Junior Class (9th Grade) were:
Row 1 (l-r)?
  • Elsie Joyce Tatum ? Girl with a million smile,
  • Ray Frank Phink ??Blessings on thee, little man! Fool that woman if you can!?
  • Betty June Roberts ? A valuable girl to have around anywhere ? home included.
  • Elio Acostini ? Tall, dark and handsome in a Latin way.?
Row 2 (l-r)
  • Billy Lyons ? With good looks and manners why resist the weaker sex?
  • Virgina Lee Bulin ? Remember the pretty blonde maid in the play?
  • Curtis Finis Wilkerson ? ?Boy, what a man about town?
  • Buelah Ruth Gregory ? ?She uses good choice in studies and ability in her learning?
Row 3 (l-r)?
  • Ruth Elrod ? A true friend to all ? very bashful
  • Adrain Otto Luttrell ? ?Why not be Juniors all of our lives??
  • Wanda Faryle Batchelor ? A rare combination of ability, success, and modesty
  • Jackie Eyvonne Barton ? A boy who feeds on the dainties of art.
Row 4 (l-r)
  • James Rae Stevenson ? Now woudn?t that rattle your windon-panes?
  • Joyce Belle Faust ? ?Strangers please note that she spells her name B-E-L-L-E?
  • Dorothy Nell Duke ? Her thoughts are many but her words are few.
  • Bennylu Jones ? ?Did you ever see a girlish tornado??
A final salute to those in the service:
?We, the student body and faculty , offer our tribute of praise to these boys of ours who have volunteered their service, and to all the those who have sacrificed to uphold the principles of democracy.?
Ex-Students [in 1942 currently] in the U.S. Service?
Roy Austin * Frank Bedford * Clyde Stewart * J.W. Cooper * Vernon Story * Wyatt Hall, * Ray Short * Paul Self * Haley Self * Bobby Ralston * C. L. Thornton * Woodrow Power * Douglas Cooper * Richard Crane.
Photos and information in this article are from the The Kennedale Kat 1942 – an annual belonging to former Kennedale faculty member Ina Mae Roberson and donated to Kennedale High School.?

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