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Saturday, December 2, 2023

A Lousy Job She Loves!

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Kennedale resident Gayla Short never dreamed she would have the job that she has: a trained, professional head lice technician. In fact, she had never heard of a professional lice technician until she read about the position advertised online by LiceDoctors Head Lice Removal Service. The job posting caught her eye and she decided to pursue the opportunity. {{more}}
Fast forward two years and Gayla says that she still loves the work that she does, especially because the job allows her to visit clients in the privacy of their homes and she gets to meet many fine residents. Her “clients” often ask her why she got into this line of work and Gayla explains that she truly enjoys helping people and the sense of satisfaction she gets from knowing that she has eradicated something as upsetting to a family as head lice. The psychological trauma is much greater than anticipated when an entire family gets head lice and she finds herself in a position of nurturing them and quelling their fears. Families are very appreciative and welcoming and she often feels like a hero when she is finished.
Gayla also says that she feels a sense of pride that she is helping members of the Kennedale community. LiceDoctors uses an all natural protocol and treats families in the privacy of their own homes. “With our excellent track record, I feel confident treating local residents. Of course, all treatment is confidential. There is no reason to be overwhelmed by head lice. I know exactly how to get rid of them in a safe and quick manner.”
For further information, visit: www.licedoctors.com.

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