A Simple Gift

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Written by: Lauren Juarez, Freshman KHS
? ? In a generation whose technology is pushing books aside, Kennedale?s 3rd graders were reminded of the importance of reading one Tuesday afternoon. On November 13th, 14 of Kennedale High School?s Interact Club teamed up with Kennedale Rotarians to drop in on the 3rd graders at Delaney Elementary. ‘Our mission was to give every student their own dictionary.’ ?{{more}}
? ? The students were in their elective classes – music, art, gym, etc. – so we went to their homerooms and placed the dictionaries on their little desks. Then we went to find them and tell them about our surprise. Typically, a dictionary isn?t a very exciting gift, but many of these 3rd graders had looks of awe on their faces. With their sophisticated dictionaries, they were big kids now.
? ? It was neat to get to visit these kids. I think they liked seeing high school students. Having older kids there made it cooler for them than if their teacher just handed them the dictionaries. Hopefully, we made a difference in their growing minds. Whether those dictionaries help them in 3rd grade or sit on their shelves until 10th grade, they now have a very important tool that they can use for years to come.

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