Andrea Chicotsky Named Art in the Park Featured Artist for 2014

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For Andrea (Andi) Chicotsky, Featured Artist for the 2014 Kennedale Art in the Park festival, a professional painting career is simply the natural extension of her lifelong love of art and color. Color is the driving force in Chicotsky?s impressionist creations, splashing over large acrylic canvases of animals and flowers, and moving in abstracts. ?When I add color to something, it makes me happier. The more vibrant the color, the happier I feel. Color just brings out the best in everyone.? {{more}}
Miss Sassy, Chicotsky
Many Kennedale residents will remember Chicotsky as a former Special Education teacher at James Arthur Elementary School. Growing up watching her father sketch and draw, she became very interested in art. Later she incorporated this passion into her teaching techniques through finger painting, coloring and art projects for her students. Her twin loves art and color ,she says, became her most valuable classroom tools reaching her students in a way few other techniques could. ?Color makes kids happy, and working with color helps them become more creative.? After 29 years as a teacher, she returned her focus to her childhood love of art and began painting professionally. Although retired, Chicotsky stays busy and enjoys the time she has now with Mark and Kevin, her husband and son. Active in the arts community, she continues to serve as Mayfest Art Chairman, a job she has loved for 16 years.

Baying at the Moon, Chicotsky
When painting, Chicotsky utilizes the color spectrum and enjoys experimenting with different techniques, mediums and themes. She has also fostered her artistic talent by seeking professional art instruction. Molly Dummit, well-known Fort Worth art instructor, says she has been, ?directing Andi?s innate talent? for well over a year.? Andrea is very bold. She has a wonderful way of placing things. Acrylics suit her because she works fast and has a large, bold stroke. She gets right in there and gets what she wants done. I think that?s her personality. She chooses bright colors and uplifting subjects, evoking feelings of happiness and joy in all her art. Because she is so vivacious, she creates vivacious art.? Chicotsky?s work will be on display along with that of many other artists at Kennedale Art in the Park, April 4-6, 2014 in Kennedale Town Center Park. Admission is free. To see more of Chicotsky?s work, find her on Andrea Chicotsky, Facebook.

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