August School Board Meeting Tuesday night to discuss, adobt new budget and tax rate

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The Kennedale ISD Board of Trustees will meet in regular session on Tuesday, August 27 at 7p.m. in the KISD Media Center, 901 Wildcat Way, to discuss and take action on the following items:

PROCLAMATIONS ?“Board recognition of special achievement within the school district.” ?

PUBLIC COMMENTS: ??Welcome to this meeting of the Kennedale Independent School District. The Board is always pleased to have citizens attend its meetings and welcomes comments during the public comment part of the meeting. Public participation is limited to this designated portion of the meeting. However, in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Board Members cannot discuss or vote on issues not posted on the agenda. At all other times during the Board Meetings, the audience is not permitted to enter into discussion or debate on matters being considered by the Board. Negative or disparaging remarks about District personnel will not be tolerated. Please limit comments to five (5) minutes per speaker. Please sign up before the opening of the meeting.”

CONSENT AGENDA All items listed under this subheading will be adopted with one motion unless they are removed from the consent agenda by a Trustee for discussion.

  • Approval of Minutes of previous board meeting(s)
  • Financial Statement
  • Bills Payable
  • Report of Tax Assessor Collector
  • Approve 2013-2014 Eligible Tuition Fee
  • Approve Appraisers for the 2013-2014 school year
  • Adopt the 2012-2013 Amended Budget
  • Approve agreement for EAP with Deer Oaks Associates


  • Third reading and adoption of TASB Policy Update 97, affecting (LOCAL) policies
  • Report on granting easement and right of way on 287 property (located on district property on or near Sublett Road and for the construction of a new Kroger store at the intersection of Sublett and U.S. 287)


  • Adopt GASB 54 resolutions regarding fund balance
  • Discuss and adopt the 2013-2014 Budget
  • Discuss and adopt the 2013 Tax Rate
  • Discuss and consider personnel needs of the district (closed session as per Texas?Government Code 551.071 and 551.074, if needed)

1. Resignations/Retirements

2. Hiring of personnel

3. Other matters concerning personnel

  • ?Superintendent’s Report

1. Reporting on State Accountability

2. Delinquent Tax Activity Report

3. High School Band Trip Info

4. Enrollment Report

5. District passes

  • Board Discussion

1. Discuss Upcoming Meetings and Dates

2. Discuss questions for Team of Eight Training (school board training)

3. Acknowledgment form


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