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Best led cities are led by their citizens

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?Government works best with an active and engaged citizenry, and in a small town like Kennedale, resident input and participation are especially vital. Several boards have vacancies, and we invite you to apply,? said Mayor Brian Johnson {{more: Read more …}} in the July edition of the TownCenter Herald (www.cityofkennedale.com/subscribe). ?Nobody other than you can provide your unique viewpoint on city issues.?
boards supply recommendations and guidance …

The City of Kennedale is always looking for enthusiastic residents who are eager to take an active role in shaping the community?s future. Our advisory boards thrive on the knowledge and dedication of those willing to volunteer their time and talents. These boards supply recommendations and guidance to City Council, and are an invaluable resource to staff as well. Like the Mayor and Council, Advisory Board members are volunteers, and paid just $1.00 per meeting.
deadline to apply September 9th …

All boards meet at City Hall (405 Municipal Drive) at regularly scheduled times and all meetings are open to the public. We do always urge you to check the calendar (www.cityofkennedale.com/cal) for the latest information, as sometimes it?s necessary to change or add meeting dates. If you?re interested in applying or want to learn more, please visit www.cityofkennedale.com/boards, email citysecretary@cityofkennedale.com, or call City Secretary Leslie Galloway at 817-985-2104. Applications must be submitted by Friday, September 9th to be considered for this appointment period.

Qualified applicants will be interviewed by City Council the week of October 3rd, and appointments will be made at the Regular Council meeting on October 17th, 2016. All members serve two-year terms, and there are no term limits. Even-numbered board places will be up for reappointment this fall, and odd-numbered places next year.

Advisory Board Eligibility Requirements …

  • At least one year of residency in the City of Kennedale (and continued residency for the entirety of your service)
  • Currently registered to vote in the City of Kennedale
  • No felony convictions
  • Ability to effectively communicate with the public, your fellow board members, City Council, and staff

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