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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Board decides Wildcat Stadium needs video scoreboard

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Last month, the KISD Board of Trustees voted, with one nay vote, to approve the purchase of a 32×15 foot video scoreboard for Wildcat Stadium for a price of $410,000.
The Trustees spent some time discussing the item. Superintendent Gary Dugger reported that the district was getting “a really good deal” as the original price was $800,000. {{more}}
Trustee Lori Glovier wanted to know what was the advantage of having a video board. Dugger responded that ? it is one of those things that enhances the program, not only football but soccer, band ? and also participation in the crowd ? it can incite the crowd and can get the crowd into the game.?
Board President Joe Taylor ask if there would be room for advertising on the board and Dugger replied yes with most of the ad revenue going back to the athletic department. Taylor commented that “it seemed like whenever we travel for games, most people have them now.”
Board Vice President Janet Adams pointed out there had been problems with the current scoreboard. Dugger said the scoreboard had been there since 1999 and replacement parts were not available.

Dugger stated that ?? a key ingredient in this is the benefits to the high school CTE program (Career and Technical Education] which offers a chance for students to get involved in an area that could be a professional area that we don?t offer at this time.?

Dr. Missy Glenn, Director of Finance and Human Resource, stated that the installation does include a full control room that could be run by the students ? it would become part of their curriculum and there could be other things that they could put up on the score board.?
Dugger said that, ?It is a great opportunity that you can learn something [here] and go out into the world and use it professionally.?
Trustee Julie Green in opposition said, ?I can understand that it can benefit the AV [audio-visual classes] kids but it such a large amount of money. Is there not a way that we can benefit all the students at the high school??
Green went on to add, ?Some districts have issued every student an IPad. For that amount of money [purchase of video scoreboard] you could issue an IPad to every student in the high school and their teachers and therefore benefit everybody at the high school.?
After a brief exchange, Taylor move to cut off discussion and asked for a motion. Green was the lone vote in opposition.

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