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Brooks scheduled for Court appearance Friday

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On January 10, P.J. Brooks, accused in the shooting death of Ross Shreves in June of this past year, is scheduled for a court appearance in the Tarrant County Criminal Court Building.

Shreves was a popular teacher at Kennedale Junior High School at the time of his death. Brooks, who has plead innocent, {{more}}was indicted for murder in September. Read

more on Indictment Since his arrest, Brooks has remained in jail.

Brooks appearance in court on Friday is listed as an event called a consultation docket. In Tarrant County, the consultation docket is a setting so that the prosecutor and defense attorney can consult with each other to determine if a case may be worked out with some plea bargain. Both the defendant and attorney are required to appear at that setting according to Attorney James Stapler.

The appearance is scheduled for 9 am in the 297th Criminal Court. The next step is to schedule the trial date if no plea agreement is reached.

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