Cats hope to rebound this week after overtime loss to Alvarado

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Up Next @ Springtown 7 PM ?

The Springtown Porcupines, aka Pojos, are in District 4-4A. They list 18 returners and 21 lettermen off a team that finished 8-3 and a loss in bi-district play. They reported 6 returning starters and both on offense and defense. {{more: continue …}}
They are predicted to finish second in their district this year behind high-flying Decatur after finishing 4-1 in 2018.
They have a hot running back, just like Alvarado, Cameron Rickett, who ran for 2,083 yards and 35 TDs last year. This year through three games he has 14 TDs and 439 yards. Also, like Alvarado, the Cats can expect a strong defensive showing by Springtown. The Pojos defense has 8 interceptions and 3 sacks and have allowed an average of just 10 points against per game.
Currently 3-0 …?
The Pojos are currently 3-0, having defeated FTW Arlington (1-2) 23-7, Sanger (0-3) 66-7, and Glen Rose (0-3) 54-16. With their opponents having won just one game between them, it hard to tell just how good they are. However, Kennedale fans can expect a good solid team that smells blood, especially Wildcat.
Over the years the series has been close between the two teams with Kennedale leading 12-10-1. Last year Springtown bounced the Wildcats 30-0 in front of the home crowd at Wildcat Stadium. Prior to that Kennedale had won 6 straight. All of this just adds to motivation for both teams.
Pros for the Wildcats ?
Kennedale (1-2) has played a tougher schedule including games with two state ranked teams. It has averaged 25.6 points per game. The Cats have also shown the ability to make big plays and mount significant scoring drives.
The Cats came from behind to defeat Midlothian Heritage 35-28 in Week 2. And last week came from behind to tie Alvarado before losing in double overtime 35-28. The Cats also have the double edge sword of youth with one edge the sword carrying the edge developing potential.

Alvarado game recap – the ups and downs & then a fumble

Alvarado came to town last week ready for some football and went home battered but happy. Fans experienced the highs and the lows of an exciting game ? at least at the end. And the Kennedale Wildcats achieved some satisfaction if not the win.
It can be said that Alvarado should have the won the game last week because it seemed to dominated the game last week ? holding the edge in total offense 335-249, in first downs 18-11 as well as leading the game 3 time in regulaion play. Yet, the young Wildcats came within a hair breathe of taking the game away by forging ties 3 times, and the gaining a short-lived lead in overtime before losing it all on a fumble in the second over-time.

Game Story ?

? ?Quarter One:
  • Alvarado (AV) – six plays 75 yd TD, PAT good SCORE 7-0 Alvarado
  • Kennedale (KN) ? six plays 44 yards, Over on downs;?
  • AV ? 13 plays 24 yards, Punt (2 penalties loss of 21yds);

? ?Quarter Two:

  • KN ? 11 plays, 82 yards Touchdown?PAT good SCORE 7-7 Tie
  • AV ? 5 plays 5 yards, Punt;?
  • KN ? 4 plays 12 yards, Fumble;?
  • AV ? 1 play 45 yds Touchdown?PAT good SCORE14 ? 7 Alvarado?
  • KN – 5 plays 16 yards Halftime.

? ?Quarter Three:

  • KN ? 4 plays minus yard , Punt;?
  • AV ? 4 plays minus 1 yard, Punt;?
  • KN ? 4 play 16 yards Touchdown PAT good, SCORE? 14-14 Tie
  • AV- 9 plays 77 yards, Touchdown?PAT good SCORE? 21-14; Alvarado
  • KN ? 2 plays 75 yards, Touchdown?PAT good, SCORE?21-21 Tie

? ?Quarter Four:

  • AV ? 8 plays, 60 yards, Interception;?
  • KN ? 4 plays, 4 yards, Punt;?
  • AV? 4 plays, 1 yard, Punt;?
  • KN ? 4 plays, minus 4 yards, Punt;
  • AV?? 1 play, minus 2 yards End of 4th?
? ?1st Overtime (from the 25 yard line)?
  • KN ? 5 plays, 25 yards Touchdown PAT good,?SCORE 28-21 Kennedale;?
  • AV ? 6 plays, 25 yards Touchdown PAT good, SCORE 28-28 Tie?
? ?2nd Overtime (from 25 yard line)?
  • AV ? 5 plays 25 yards, Touchdown PAT good ? SCORE 35-28 Alvarado;?
  • KN ? 3 plays, Fumble to Alvarado, Final?SCORE 35-28 Alvarado??
?In youth we learn; in age we understand.? – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.
When you have eight sophomores on the varsity team in playing positions, it can be challenging. These eight sophomores, who are just a year away from freshman football, should? be learning the game and honing their skills at the junior varsity level.
This can make for fun and disappointment, all rolled up in the same game. But, it also helps explain how a team can bounce from the bottom to the top and back again. Still, the coaching staff remains upbeat, saying time is still on our side.

In this unpredictable season, come out see what will happens this week. Game time is 7 PM at Springtown.

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