City Utilizes Early Warning System

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Fires. Road closures. Gas leaks.
(Information for this article provided by City

of Kennedale)

How will you find out about citywide emergencies and disasters? Early warning helps save lives and property.
The City of Kennedale wants to make everyone aware of emergencies and disasters in real time, as they are happening. {{more}}

Kennedale has chosen to use the Everbridge SmartGIS System to let everyone know about issues that may affect their safety. The Everbridge system will allow Kennedale to contact thousands of residents in seconds so they find out about an emergency right away.

The Everbridge SmartGIS System has the capability of delivering messages to residents in a variety of formats – on the home phone, cell phone, email or other types of devices. This will allow the City to reach residents in any emergency. It will also allows the system to be used in non-emergency situations to post information about important City-related events, such as meetings, parade closures, or street cleaning changes.

The process begins when the City issues a message about a potential safety hazard or concern. Messages will be sent to all standard voice and text communication devices, including listed land line phones, cell phones, e-mail, and more. If a resident doesn’t confirm the receipt of the message, the system will try a second contact number or email. The system will continue trying to contact the resident until it receives a confirmation.
The system does require that residents to provide updated information. To sign up or update information and get more information click on City

of Kennedale Emergency Contact System.

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