City issues “Bobcat Alert”

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The City of Kennedale has recently seen an increase in bobcat sighting reports. Residents are advised to keep a safe distance from any strange animal, and to keep pets indoors unless supervised. {{more}}Please call (817) 985-2163 to report a sighting. Bob

Cat Alert, City of Kennedale

Last week a bobcat and two cubs were discovered in backyard of a home on Wendy Court in the Steeplechase edition off of Sublett Road. The mother and cubs left after several hours without incident.

Bobcats are one of several types of wild animals that are finding their way into neighborhoods. Opossums, raccoons, foxes and bobcats have been sighted in and around Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth and Kennedale.
The DFW Wildlife Coalition has described the bobcat as following. “Part of the lynx family, the bobcat typically weighs between fifteen and forty pounds, and is common across the entire United States. Although this cat is rarely seen in cities because of its shy, solitary, and reclusive nature, the urban population has been increasing in the DFW Metroplex for many years.”
For more about the bobcat and risk it poses for pets and families check out the DFW

Wildlife Coalition

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