City recognizes ?Winnie? for 100 Years

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The City of Kennedale honored Winifred ?Winnie? Kaczor on reaching the century milestone in the latest issue of the Kennedale TownCenter Herald. {{more}}The following was reprinted from the Herald.
“Congratulations to Winifred ?Winnie? Kaczor, shown here celebrating her 100th birthday with her family. Winnie was born December 10, 1915, and is an active member of the [Kennedale] Senior Center. Her fellow members, Director Shanti Lechner, and city staff would like to wish her a happy birthday, and many more!”

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In the year 1915, a little background:

These were the top songs – A Little Bit of Heaven, Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, It?s a Long, Long Way to Tipperary, They Didn?t Believe Me and I Didn?t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier. Source Top Songs

of 1915

In the news, WWI was raging in

Europe. The Lusitania was sunk by Germany. Building had begun on the Lincoln

Memorial in Washington DC. The first

neon sign invented. Babe Ruth hit his first career homerun. And, the first ?Stop? sign

was used on an America road.

The average income was $687 for a man or $16,063 in 2015?s

dollars. There was no minimum wage. An average new house cost $3,200. A typical

car would be $2,005, but in today’s dollars that would be around $48,000. Gasoline cost 15 cents per gallon. Source U.S.

News & World Report

Born in 1915 were Frank Sinatra, Muddy Waters,

Red Adair, Arthur Miller, Orson Welles, Billie Holiday, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.,

Barbara Billingsley, Ingrid Bergman and Alice Faye. Source Bio.

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