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Council Place 1 candidate Altom adds information about candidacy

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The following is a statement issued by Josh Altom, Kennedale City Council candidate for Place 1. The statement is printed in its entirety.? {{more: continue …}}


Who is Josh Altom and what does he stand for?

Let me first say I?ve been involved in city government for almost half my life. As a public servant I?ve been employed by multiple municipalities around the DFW area. I am a city employee and I an astute to city needs. Civil servants need to be respected, trusted and valued. City employees need to be encouraged to do their best and be rewarded when they succeed. I can and will bring so many great ideas and solutions to the table for the City of Kennedale. I have learned so much from the experiences I?ve had in city government over the years. I feel I have a great understanding of what will work and what doesn?t.

?Josh and I have been close friends, as well as municipal employees together for many years. During this time, I have witnessed Josh?s absolute passion and unwavering commitment to public service. Josh was involved with public education as a fire clown. Our fire prevention program teamed up with Southwest Airlines and would travel to burn camps assisting councilors helping burned children. It took sacrifice, dedication and a warm heart to do what he?s done. If elected, I believe Josh will be a fair and accountable servant to the citizens of Kennedale.? Clint Long, Little Elm Fire Fighters 4220

Firefighters are known for their clear sighted, canny, sharp, bighearted, and selfless traits and I feel those traits are only found in a few professions. As a firefighter, I?ve learned how to think on my feet in very stressful situations and resolve issues quickly. It often surprises me what citizens asks of us, but I gladly serve and I?m trained to resolve their needs. In my job, I take on the role of many professions; I?m a counselor, carpenter, cook, janitor, mechanic, electrician, and public educator, etc. As a result of my training and experience, I strive every day to be the best person, whether on duty or off duty, to carry out our core values. My core valves include honor, loyalty, respect and courage, and I take pride in every phase of my daily life.

?As a fellow firefighter of Josh?s we treat everyone like they are family. We do not care what your income level is, what your religion or beliefs are, what race you are, what your political views are, we do not discriminate on who we help. This is why Josh Altom is a perfect candidate for City Council, like his day job as a firefighter he just wants to help people and make a difference in the people he serves. Mel Harper, Highland Village Fire Department.

In my career as a firefighter, I served overseas for a year in Baghdad Iraq protecting those that protect our freedom. I?ve travelled around the world and have had the pleasure of experiencing many different cultures. While in Baghdad, I witnessed so much tragedy but I feel it has made me stronger and it has given me the ability to cherish life. I learned to respect the lives and freedom of others, as well as my own life. In my travels, I was greeted with nothing but respect everywhere and with whomever I met. I have vowed to treat everyone with the same respect.

?It was a pleasure serving overseas with Josh. He and I have remained friends and still communicate once a week. Josh was a true leader and brought tons of experience to a young department. Within the first month Josh was sent to leadership school. I?m proud to call him a brother and I think Josh will put 100% into whatever is asked. You will be lucky to have such a great asset at your fingertips? Phil Routhier, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic FD

As the role of HOA President, I deal with concerns from residents of 180 homes. I help find ways to resolve their concerns in the best most efficient manner. I work alongside a wonderful elected board and we hold our meetings similar to the City Council. We plan budgets, find ways to make our neighborhood safe, plan functions, and brain storm ideas to save money. We host events that bring our neighborhood closer and to help us be more inclusive. Our neighborhood has similar issues similar to the city, and our board, as a supporting team, always help find the best resolution together. We do not always agree on everything, but at the end of the day we are neighbors and we do what?s best for our neighborhood.

?Josh, I?ve witnessed firsthand how you?ve cared for BrookStone Estates residents. When someone needed assistance you are always first to offer a helping hand. I?ve seen how you rush from your day job of firefighting to city hall to attend city meetings, organized gatherings and offered advice when called upon. My family and I appreciate you for always looking out for our best interests and always keeping us informed about changes In Kennedale. Not too long ago when my family experienced an armed robbery right inside our garage, I remembered calling the cops first then you. This was because we trust you and we respect how you always look out for your neighbors. You?ve always led with a cool head and love for this community; I know that this city can use more leaders like you.? NaN Nguyen, Kennedale resident

I?m also very active with my children?s school. I am always finding ways to ease the stress of our teachers every opportunity I can. I strive to be a role model not only for my kids but other kids as well. I volunteer for field trips, help with their recycle program by taking all materials to Arlington for disposal, and help the PTO raise money whenever possible. I couldn?t ask for a better group of teachers to prepare my children for the real world. Kennedale is blessed to have such a wonderful tight knit school district who work extremely hard.

?Josh is a familiar face around Delaney. He is one of our Delaney Dad?s and helps us out at recess and lunch by being a positive role model for our kids who need that extra love and support by either throwing a football around at recess or starting up a conversation. One time when it was pouring rain at dismissal, Josh saw a need and met it. He showed up with rain coats for all the teachers on duty. Josh is always looking for ways to serve and to help meet the needs of our community.? Shannon Matuni, Delaney Elementary

I also serve the city, and I volunteer much of my time. I am on city boards such as the Board of Appeals or the Economic Development Committee and I attend almost all city council meetings. I make it a point to be very informed and I love to share my knowledge with my neighbors on the City. I also volunteer as a coach for my kids teams, I think coaching children is a huge blessing. I love passing on the values I was taught by my parents and coaches growing up.

?Josh has been in contact with me, we have discussed how to improve our youth association. I have expressed many concerns about our current situation. It doesn?t matter what time of the day, Josh was willing to listen and express his ideas moving forward. I am not endorsing him as a KYA member, but a concerned citizen. I support Josh Altom for city council. He is a citizen on our side and looking for action and is dedicated to each citizen of Kennedale.? Eric Ryals, Citizen of Kennedale

Lastly but most importantly, I am a family man, and I love my family so much. We are very blessed to live the life we have. I thank God every day for the life he has given us. I believe he?s given me the gift to communicate and help others whenever possible. I?ve met many residents here in Kennedale who have become mentors and taught me wonderful lessons and I?m proud to live here in Kennedale. I hope to serve as a Councilman and continue to learn, expand, and help Kennedale strive to be the best City possible.

“The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.? Leo F. Buscaglia
Note by Kennedale News – Early voting begins April 22, 2019 and continues until April 30, 2019. Election Day is May 4, 2019.??Statements by candidates are printed for the benefit of voters and do not represent an endorsement of any candidate by the Kennedale News.

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