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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Dress code ? a never ending contest of wills

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Recognizing the inevitable, the introductory paragraph of the new school dress code, recently approved by the KISD Board of Trustees, contains the following phrase, ?While it is inevitable that there will be differences of opinion regarding the appropriateness of a student?s attire ?? {{more: continue …}}
An understatement, but regardless, dress codes are as necessary school buildings.?
What is in ?

This year, students get to wear jeans everyday, if they want, along with spirit/club shirts. Also pants, capris, dresses, skirts, shorts (no athletic shorts) and, of course, skorts are allowed. And, there are no restriction on colors that can be been worn.
Collared shirts are always in but so are quarter-zipped pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts and turtlenecks.
Fingertips are for length measurements not inches.
What is out ?

There are always no nos in any dress code. These include sweatpants, wind pants along with the fore-mention athletic shorts. It should go without mentioning no pajamas, bathrobes, blankets, bare feet, flip flops, house shoes or slippers but they are mentioned, go figure. But open toes shoes are okay if they have back straps.
Cotton, polyester and silk are the material of choice but not leather, suede, vinyl, spandex or nylon which means no form fitting materials. And, you can?t get ?jegging? this year at school because jeggings and leggings are unacceptable.
In general, keep it neat which means no holes, frays or tears, even if you paid good money for those holes.
Keep it respectful with no bare shoulders and dress or tops with straps at least 2? or more. No sagging, no cleavage and definitely no underwear showing. This also includes no bare midriffs, male or female and no muscle shirts.
You are in the house (school) so no hats, caps, bandanas or sunglasses, please.
Speaking of neat, it applies to hair ? clean, groomed and a natural color ? purple and green are out.
Rule of thumb ?
If you are dressed like it is Friday night or Saturday morning, it is a good bet that you are out of dress code, really out of dress code.

For a detailed look at the dress code see – KISD Student Dress Code

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