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Ederly falls victim to phone scam – Kennedale PD Weekly Incident Report

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On December 31, a 74 year old female came to the police department to report an identity theft. The female stated that she received a phone call in August of 2013 from someone stating they were with the Social Security office.

The female gave all information requested but then became concerned about the call. {{more}}She contacted the Social Security office and was told that they only communicate via the mail. On December 10, 2013, the female received a call from someone stating that they worked for United Recovery. The caller stated that they were trying to recover a $1,400.00 loan that the victim had taken from a payday loan facility. The victim told the caller that she didn’t take out a loan but the caller stated that the victim would be arrested if she didn’t pay. The caller had all of the victim’s identifying information.

Out of fear, the victim made a phone payment using her debit card and set up a payment plan using her bank account information. The victim completed an identity theft packet for officers.

Incidents reports filed for the week of December 29 – January 4 include the following. See

details of reports

12/29 Burglary of Building; 1200 block Kennedale Pkwy
12/19 Demented Person; 700 block Kennedale Pkwy

12/30 Found Property

7300; block Kennedale Pkwy

12/31 Fraud use/ POSS IDENT INFO # Item < 5 Elderly; 800 block Shady Creek
12/31 Assault-Simple; 100 block Creekside Ct

1/1 Burglary of Vehicle; 100 block Pine Meadows Dr

1/2 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; 4900 block Mansfield Hwy

1/3 DUI (minor); 400 block Mt Pleasant Ct

1/3 Criminal Mischief 50 < 500; 200 block Village St.
1/4 Driving w/LIC INV w/PREV CONV/ SUSP/ w/o FIN RES; 200 block Kennedale Pkwy

1/4 Criminal Mischief 50 < 500; 1200 block Little School Rd
These statistics are based on police reports. They do not include calls where no report was written. Some of the offenses, after further investigation may be deemed unfounded. In other words, this data should not be construed as official statistics.

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