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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Election Day, vote and let us be done with it

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In my opinion …
The election of 2017 ends today. Eight hundred and forty-seven Kennedale voters showed up to vote early. Join them today in voting from 7am-7pm. at the Kennedale Community Center next to the Library. {{more: CONTINUE …}}
But, thank the Lord, it is over today. This election has been extremely divisive and brought out the ugly side of many.
?Flame throwing? has become the popular form of campaigning in recent years. ?I have an opponent, therefore, they are my enemy and they must be liars and cheats and evil people. I am one of the righteous and because of that I will prevail.?
It makes for good tweets and post but does nothing for those who are elected and then must try serve.
The wounds will take some time to heal. Hopefully, whoever sits in the council chamber afterwards, will tone down the rhetoric. This was never about bad people doing bad things.
There were and there are now, thoughtful people on both sides of the issues, trying to figure out what is best for the future of the city.
Kennedale is a small community full of good people with a variety of opinions.
Just a thought.

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