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First district game a smash hit for Wildcats 62-14

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Back in the confines of district play, the Wildcats enjoyed a “game of old” by rolling up 523 yards on offense along with 9 touchdowns while throttling their opponent with a net of 165 yards and 2 touchdowns. {{more: continue …}}
Kennedale earned 67 of those yards by passing, going 6-7 with no interceptions. The Cats ran for an average of 12 yards per carry racking up a total of 456 yards. The Wildcats scored every time they touched the ball in the first half including one interception for a TD and another on a punt return for a total of seven straight touchdowns.? They stretched that streak to 9 straight scoring possessions with two more after the half.?

These three made six of Kennedale?s

nine touchdowns Friday against Castleberry. Pictured (l-r) #22 JD Coffey (JR), #45

Zach Theford ((JR) and #25 Ryan Williams (SO) Photos: Staci Otts

Castleberry came into the game with a 3-1 record and were celebrating a one-point win, 48-47, over previously undefeated Godley the week before. They now have a bye this week before returning to play against district opponent Western Hills.
Kennedale is 2-3, 1-0 and will be trying to even up its record this week against district opponent Western Hills 2-3, 0-1. It is homecoming for the Wildcats with game time set for 7:30 p.m. at Wildcat Stadium.
Offensive fireworks …?
It was a night of big rushing plays, kicking and timely receptions.

QB Seth Paroulek directed the Wildcats

to their most productive offensive game of the year behind a strong performance

of the O-Line. Pictured (l-r) #45 Zach Theford (JR), #68 Victor Garcia (SR), #5

Seth Paroulek (SR), #50 Tanner Coker (SR) Photo: Staci Otts

Passing individual stats:? ?
  • Wildcat QB Seth Paroulek (SR) went 6-7 for a total of 67 yards and 2 touchdowns.?
  • Tightend?Zach Thetford?(JR) had 3 catches and 2 touchdowns
  • Ife Adeyemi (JR) with 3 receptions. .?
Rushing individual stats:? ?
  • Running back Ryan Williams (SO) was a top the leader board with 171 yards and 2 touchdowns on just nine carries at an average or 19 yds per attempt.?
  • Keirahyin Brown (JR) beat his average with three rushing attempts for 76 yards and one touchdown, giving him an average of 25.3 yards per carry.?
  • Cameron Hynson (SR) in 10 attempts ran for another TD on 86 yards while?
  • Marlete Joyner (JR) pickup another TD with three carries for 52 yards (17.33 yd av).?
  • Other ball carriers included Frank Brooks?(JR) 9/28yds, Ife Adeyemi (JR) 2/24yds, Micah Conner (SR)1/14yds and Seth Paroulek?(SR) 1/5yds.
  • Aidan Birr (SO) was 8 for 8 in extra points for the night.?
Strong showing by defense …??

The defense matched the performance

of the offense with 11 tackles for loss, one interception, one fumble and 3

sacks. Pictured are (l-r) #52 Jordan Price (SR) , #79? Julius Perez FR), #44 Miquel Arias (JR),

#28 Travis Neyhart (SO), #21 Braden

Waters (SO) Photo: Staci Otts

  • Defensively and on special teams, safety JD Coffey?recorded two touchdowns? with a 16-yard interception runback and later a 62-yard kick-off return with seconds left in the first half. Coffey also had 8 tackles for the game.?
  • Linebacker Wali Latifi (SR) had 10 tackles with 2 for losses.?
  • LB Braden Waters (SO) came up with 9 tackles.?
  • LB Antoine Martin (SO) had 7 tackles with sack and another for a loss.?
  • Tackle Junior Seay?(JR) busted 6 tackles with 3 for loss of yards.?
  • Travis Neyhart (SO) with 6 tackles,?
  • Michah Conner (SR) 4 tackles with 2 for loss and a sack,?
  • Elijah Williams (SR) 3 tackles,?
  • Tanner Coker (SR) 3tackles with 2 for loss and one for a sack,?
  • Aidan Birr (SO) 2 tackles,?
  • Morgan Earle (SR) 2 tackles,?
  • Wayne Landry (SR) 2 tackles,?
  • Julius Perez?(FR) 2 tackles,?
  • Pa?Ton Bragg (JR) 1 tackle, and?
  • Jordan Price (SR) 1 tackle.?
Game Story ?
  • Possession #1 – Castleberry from CB25 with 3&out and punt away – Wildcat Ryan Williams rushed for a 66 yard TD on the first play from scrimage. PAT kick(Birr) good, SCORE 7-0 Kennedale.?
  • Possession #2 ? Castleberry from CB25 made a 1st down at KN48 but then are forced to punt on 4th &17 to the KN 22 – Kennedale with nine play drive scored on a 5 yd pass from S Paroulek to Zach Theford. SCORE: 13-0 Kennedale.?
  • Possession #3 ? Castleberry from CB25 managed only a 3 and out with a punt – Wildcats from CB49 scored after 3 plays on a R Williams 43 yd run. PAT kick (Birr) good.?SCORE 21-0 Kennedale.?
  • Possession #4?- Castleberry from the KN49 after the kick-off, scored 5 plays later on a QB keeper. PAT kick good SCORE: 21-7 Kennedale ? Kennedale ball on CB48 6 plays later Cats scored with a Marlette Joyner 42yd TD run. 2-PT failed. SCORE: 27-7 Kennedale.?
  • Possession #5 ? Castleberry from the CB8 had longest drive of the game with 17 plays, marred by penalties on both sides but ended at the CB48 after Kennedale recovered CB fumble on a 4th and 20 at the Kennedale 38. Castleberry had reached the KN21 on the drive – Kennedale from the CB48, scored in 8 plays with a 13 yard pass play to Zach Thetford. PAT kick (Birr) good. SCORE: 34-7 Kennedale.?
  • Possession #6?- Castleberry from CB9 but on 4th play with a 2nd & 14, Wildcat JD Coffey intercepted pass and returned it for a 18 yd TD. PAT kick (Birr) good. SCORE: 41-7 Kennedale.?
  • Possession #7 ? Castleberry from CB25 after kick with less than a minute left in half and scored 7 plays later on a TD pass completion. PAT kick good SCORE: 41-15 Kennedale -Kennedale scored with 14.2 seconds on the halftime clock on a 60 yard kick-off return by J. Coffey.?
  • Halftime SCORE: 48-14 Kennedale.
  • Possession #8 ? Kennedale with the ball on KN40 after the kick-off, scored two plays later a 54 yd rushing TD by Keirahyin Brown. PAT kick (Birr) good. SCORE 55-14 Kennedale. After flag on kick-off, Castleberry starts on CB40 but was forced to punt on a 4th &8 at CB42. SCORE 55-14 Kennedale.
  • Possession #9 ? Kennedale from KN32 after punt, scored seven plays later on a 5 yd run by Cameron Hynson. PAT kick (Birr) good SCORE: 62-14 Kennedale. Castleberry from CB25 punted on a 4th &5 at CB30.? SCORE: 62-14 Kennedale.
  • Possession #10: Kennedale from KN30 fumbles 4 plays later to CB on the KN34 -? Castleberry unable to move on the Cats turned the ball over on a 4th & 7 pass incompletion at the KN31.?
  • Possession #11: Kennedale from the KN31 drove the ball down the field in a clock-eating 13-play drive that ended with two consecutive kneel downs by the quarterback at the Castleberry 19.?FINAL SCORE 62-14 Kennedale.

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