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Monday, November 30, 2020

Greetings from the Grateful Dads

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By: Claudia Vilchez, KHS Wildcat Times

As of this year here at Kennedale High School, we have a new program called The Grateful Dads. Every Friday morning, Kennedale dads volunteer and come together to greet every student with a warm smile. {{more: continue … }}

The purpose of the Grateful Dads is to have a positive impact on as many students’ lives as possible. With the help of Mr.Cagle?s positive energy, this will be easy to achieve.
?It?s a really good opportunity for us as dads to really reach out to students who may not have that figure at home and just let these kids know that there are a lot of people, not just in the school system, but in the community that really have their best interest at heart,” Grateful Dad Andy Goss said.
The Grateful Dads are very enthusiastic about the future of KHS students and hope to positively influence the school environment.
?A Grateful Dad is a dad, grandfather, uncle, or any male in our Wildcat community dedicated to giving back to our kids.? said Ben Robertson.
Not only is the Grateful Dads beneficial to kids, but the dads also appreciate it.
?Being a Grateful Dad not only gives me the opportunity to make kids smile but to also start my day great? said Ben Robertson.
?Any time you come across a group of men that are on the same agenda, you can move mountains,? said Andy Goss.
Claudia Vilchez is on the staff of the Wildcat Times, a newspaper for and about Kennedale High School.

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