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Happy Days coming to KHS

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The Kennedale Theatre Department is getting ready to present Happy Days, A New Musical with performances scheduled February 5 & 6 at 7:30 p.m. and February 7 at 2:30 p.m. in the Kennedale ISD Performing Arts Center. {{more}}
Auditions began in November and the 22 member cast started rehearsals over the holidays. Happy Days, A New Musical was written by Garry Marshall with music and lyrics by Paul Williams. It is based on the ABC TV series of the same name.
The story is set in approximately during Season 4 of the original sitcom and concerns the kids’ plans to save Arnold?s from demolition by hosting a dance contest and wrestling match.
The play is under the direction of Genevieve Croft, KHS Theatre Director and teacher.
KHS Cast List…
The Fonz?.Andrew Long * Richie Cunningham?.Noah Wyckoff * Marion Cunningham?.Alissa Boubel * Howard Cunningham?.Kameron Henry * Joanie Cunningham?.Ashlyn Greenfield * Potsie Webber?.Dakota Chapman * Ralph Malph?Leland Murphy * Chachi Arcola?John Corder * Pinky Tuscadero?Emily Crabtree *
Pinkette Lola?Angie Blanco * Pinkette Tina?.Ariana Williams * Arnold?.Drew Fitch * Lori Beth?.Aliyah Shaikh * Count Malachi/Manny Moon/Elvis?.Zach Saxon * Jumpy Malachi/Mac Gates?Derek Isensee * James Dean?.Cristian Stites
Angie Blanco * Alicia Dailey * William Badger * Katelynn Goss * Angie Blanco * Ellis Bowman * Ariana Williams * Drew Fitch * Aliyah Shaikh * Zach Saxon * Derek Isensee * Rollerskating Carhop?.Emily Zepeda
About the director:
New to Kennedale, the KHS Theatre teacher and director, Genevieve Croft, has worked in various professional and community theatres across the Dallas Fort Worth area as an actor, director and designer. She is a graduate of the University of North Texas, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, and a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a Master of Liberal Studies in Theatre Arts.
Her background includes radio with on-air time at KNTU-FM (88.1 The One) at the University of North Texas as a drive-time DJ and as a news anchor. She has additional experience working with CBS RADIO-Dallas (98.7 KLUV-FM) in the Promotions and Programming Departments.
For the past eight years, Croft has worked as a Theatre and Speech Educator, saying that she truly believes in the difference that the Arts make in schools, and the futures of students.

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