How many times do you get asked “Just TELL me what you think about me?”

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? ? ?The City of Kennedale wants to know what you are thinking about it! Really, the city leaders do. So now here is your chance, let them have it. If you are a resident and/or operate a business in Kennedale and you don’t have time to go and express your opinions in person take the survey. {{more}}

? ? ?Mayor John Clark puts it this way. “Your responses to this survey are used to take the pulse of our city and to quide us as we prepare for the future. Kennedale is your community, and we need to know how you feel about it. Kennedale is growing and changing, and preparing for the future. We kindly ask you and your neighbors to take a few minutes to let us know how we are doing, because your opinion matters!”
? ? ?The city survey is offered online from Feb 11th – March 11th. ?And even offers a possible prize with 3 lucky respondents receiving $100 credit on their utility bill or a prize of equivalent value.

Click here for the survey

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