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How to spend a rainy summer day

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Things to do on a rainy day.

  • 1. Read a book
  • 2. Start that book or song you were always said you were going to write
  • 3. Surprise someone and actually write them a letter ? no texting! {{more}}
  • 4. Call a friend or family member you haven?t talked to in a long time
  • 5. Play in the rain
  • 6. Make or cook something new
  • 7. Pamper your pet, as if you don?t already
  • 8. Clean (well, maybe make a plan)
  • 9. Work out
  • 10. Find a coloring book and color
  • 11. Prepare or update your resume
  • 12. ?… use your imagination
A poem by H.W. Longfellow
How beautiful is the rain!

After the dust and heat,

In the broad and fiery street,

In the narrow lane,

How beautiful is the rain!

How it clatters along the roofs,

Like the tramp of hoofs!

How it gushes and struggles out

From the throat of the overflowing spout
Across the window-pane

It pours and pours;

And swift and wide,

Like a river down the gutter roars

The rain, the welcome rain!

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