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It?s Halloween and anything can happen with Alvarado vs Kennedale

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Tonight at Wildcat Stadium on a Halloween eve, the Kennedale Wildcats line up against their longtime rival, the Alvarado Indians. {{more}}
It was a game billed at the beginning of the year as one of the premier match-ups. For the coaches, players and local fans, it still is.
It is a big, very big game.
Alvarado, at 2-6, is not where many expected them to be nor where they had expected to be at this point in the season. The game may have lost its luster for some but for those from Kennedale and Alvarado it is still a big, very big game.
Alvarado has had a very tough schedule this year and lost some key players with graduation but the Indians have always been a strong football school. It is only a few years removed from the state championship game in 2011.

A spoiler with nothing to lose.

Alvarado is 2-1 in district and has already guaranteed themselves a playoff spot, putting them in a perfect spoiler’s role with nothing to lose.
For the old timers in the stands tonight, it is Alvarado. The Wildcats’ larger neighbor to the south has won more games against the Cats than lost. Kennedale has had to play second fiddle to the Indians more than once in district play. There was a time, that Kennedale would have never even considered playing Alvarado on a Halloween night because of the intensity that the game could generated.
All say and done, Kennedale is the favorite
All that being said, Kennedale is the favorite and the Wildcats have a lot to play for themselves tonight. Kennedale is riding an undefeated season (a first) and could seal the deal tonight with just one game left against winless Diamond Hill next week. Kennedale, ranked #4, has established themselves as a legitimate contender for the state 4A championship game.
Stat-wise Alvarado is second in the district in total offense behind Kennedale. The Indians have rushed for 1979 yards and passed for 702 and a total of 2681 yards or 335.1 yards per game. The Wildcats have rushed for 3646 and passed for another 334 for a total of 3980 yards or 497.5 per game through 8 games.
Kennedale is scoring at average of 57.3 while Alvarado is scoring 26.1 points per game.
Kennedale is leading the district in total defense allowing an average of 207 yards per game compared to Alvarado?s 278.5 yards. In rushing yardage Kennedale and Alvarado are much closer at #1 and #2 respectively in the district. the Wildcats allow only 135.5 yards rushing a game while Alvarado allows just 155.3 yards.
In scoring defense the Wildcat have distinct advantage allowing only an average of 9.8 points per game compared to the Indians 27.0. Kennedale, in fact, is the leader in the DFW metroplex.
“Strange things can happen … it is Halloween.”
Alvarado has not had that breakout game that many have been expecting but as longtime Kennedale assistant football coach and head baseball coach Paul Trantham said.
?They haven?t yet but which means that they probably will this week. Strange things can happen. You know, it is Halloween.?

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