KHS Freshman get big welcome Friday

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In what has become a tradition at Kennedale High School, incoming freshmen (9th) students get their own day at school. It is the annual KHS FISH Camp. {{more: find out more …}}
No test, no classes and few teachers …

It is just students with students with upperclassmen giving advice, telling about school traditions, and giving tours while cracking corny jokes that the freshmen are never sure if they should laugh or not.

It is for and about the Class of 2020 …
Freshmen will also get a chance to meet the principals, sign up for clubs and organizations and just have some fun. They will be with some of the top student leaders representing band, athletics, choir, drama and all the clubs at the high school.
This annual event is hosted by the KHS Leadership Class. No money is needed.

It will start in the KHS Wildcat Auditorium (inside the high school) and runs from 3:30-5:30pm, this Friday, August 12.

P.S. There is no need for parents to attend nor will there be any fishing.

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