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KHS Students Present ?Theophilus North?

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? ? Tonight, Friday and Saturday, the KHS Theater Department, under the direction of Doug Parker, will present a production of Theophilus North, a play by Matthew Burnett based on a novel by Thornton Wilder.?On why he chose to do this play Doug Parker said ?I am a Thornton Wilder fan, a huge fan. I just like this story?it like an ?everyman? story.?

?? ? Cast member Grant Malone described the play this way, {{more}}??This play is basically about this man name Theophilus North. He is 30 year old and he is a teacher and he very dissatisfied with his life. ? he really wants to find something more important and to find his place in the world. So he decides to leave his home and he tries to travel the world but his car breaks down in the middle of Rhode Island, which is only a hundred miles from his home or so. He meets all these rich people who are very upper class and who are very uppity and who keep to themselves and who don?t let outsiders in. He tries ? to develop relationship with them. He gets to know all of them and he ends up learning lots of lessons along the way. It basically about his struggles in the city and what he learns and ? who he comes into contact with and how they influence him and impact his life.”

? ? Cast member, Kelsey Dehnel, added ?? but not only what he learns but what he teaches people like the ones he is helping out. He teaches them a lot of lessons about not being so uppity and learning that people that are not as rich as them are not ? less.? ?Grant added that, ?I think the play is trying to say is that times change but people really don?t change? in talking about the time period in the 1920s. ?It does not have to be about money but who you were raised by, where you live, ? things like that. Attitudes are pretty much the same now as then just different environment and time.?

??? For a chance to see a good story and a talented cast and crew see Theophilus North – playing now through Saturday, 7 p.m. in the Kennedale Performance Arts Center at 901 Wildcat Way. Admission is $6 for adults and $3 for students.

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