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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

KISD Board reappoint Hunt, Clark, Carruthers as officers and tussle with dress code

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Jeans everyday, new payscale possible …

The KISD Board of Trustees met on Thursday, June 13, 2019 with new board member, Andrew Biscoe on board and promptly re-elected John Hunt as President, John Clark as Vice President and Leslie Caruthers. Each position is for one year.? {{more: Continue ?}}
Public comments …
In other action, the Board heard a complaint from a resident of Winding Creek Estates who addressed the Board about problems with excessive water run-off from school property behind his home. He was looking for assistance from the school district.?
It is not an uncommon complaint from new home owners. The developer develops the site including elevation plans, storm water drainage, etc. The city approves the plans and the houses are built. The adjacent land owners are not part of the plans or part of the approval process.
But, when a problem arises with drainage and flooding on the homeowner?s property, who is to blame and where is the remedy? Was it the developer who may have miscalculated the amount of run-off, or the city who approved the plans, or is the culprit the adjacent property owner? All the homeowner wants is help.
Since the Board is not allowed to take action under Public Comments, Board President Hunt advised him to make a written complaint to the school district along with his video of the flooding and let the Associate Superintendent of Facilities, Mark Biondi review it for possible action.
New Business – change in transfer admission policy …?

A policy was approved which would allow a student, who has lived in the district since kindergarten but moves out of district during the high years (9-12), to apply as a transfer student and pay tuition. Under the new policy, the student must apply each year through the Superintendent’s Office. Each application must have the superintendent’s approval. Approved transfers will be required to provide their own transportation and pay the prescribed tuition. Currently, only senior students who have moved out of district are allowed this option.?
New hires …?

Board discussion – student dress code …

Superintendent Gee presented an outlined of the recommendations that the campus principals had made regarding possible changes to the current dress code.? The principals had reviewed parent student teacher surveys and suggestions in making the recommendations. ??


that board members have will be submitted to the principals for further review

and a proposal(s) will be posted for public review two week prior to the next

meeting. ?

Revising Pay

structures …

Superintendent announced that a study of KISD pay structure has been conducted and the results was shared with the Board. ?

Several employee areas showed that starting wages were not competitive with others districts in the area of similar size. This included starting wages for food service cooks/servers, custodian and para-professionals which included office clerks. Wages could range from 10% below to 20% below the average starting wages. But, anagenda?


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