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KISD cancels annual ?Midnight Madness? football kick-off on Monday

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?All other activities will continue as scheduled …
Early this week, the Kennedale Independent School District along with the Kennedale Police Department decided, based on security concerns, to cancel an annual event that celebrates the start of a new football season across the State of Texas. Football practice in Texas officially begins Monday, August 5, 2019. {{more: continue ?}}
18 year tradition …?
Coach Richard Barrett, Kennedale’s winningest football coach, started the event when he arrived in 2001. It has become a time honored tradition at Kennedale for 18 years.? It is not unique to Kennedale nor to just the sport of football, other schools and other sports have used and are still using the same type of celebration to kick off their season.?
A brief message was sent out on August 1 that stated the following.
“After working together, Kennedale ISD and the Kennedale PD were able to determine that a potential threat made to the Midnight Madness football practice was credible. As a precaution, the midnight practice has been canceled.

As always, the safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority and all threats are taken seriously.”
The message in its simplicity was alarming and lacked much reassurance to parents and the community, leaving open the question of just how big of a threat was it.
No one at the police department nor school district were willing to say much because they were still actively investigating the threat. They both confirmed, that during the course of their investigation, it was felt that under the circumstances it was better to be proactive and practical. The message was not meant to alarm the general school population unduly but had to be brief as the investigation was ongoing. It was emphasis that if and when there is a creditable threat involving any other Kennedale campus/activities or the City of Kennedale, KPD will send an alert immediately.
clearer threat assessment …?
However, enough additional information was obtained to provide a clearer assessment. ?
  • The threat was specifically aimed at the midnight event at Kennedale High School, meaning no other school activity or campus was involved.?
  • Furthermore, the action was taken in part because of the timing of the event ? midnight on Sunday/Monday which would provide significant security issues.?
  • And, the event was an open invitation for the public and one that usually draws a fairly large crowd for such a late hour activity. It brings together current students, parents and the local Kennedale/Arlington community including former players. And it has also attracted others not directly involved or even related to the high school. The latter perhaps was the most significant factor.
In other words, all other school activities – districtwide – will continue as planned and another Coach Barrett led Wildcat football team will kick off their first practice of the year at a more reasonable hour on Monday. 2019

Wildcat Football Schedule

The Kennedale News will report any additional related news as it is provided.?

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