KYA Opening Day a huge Success thanks to many

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City steps up big to help ready the fields.

The Kennedale Youth Association?s Baseball/Softball Opening Day last Saturday was a big success by all accounts. The weather was perfect, volunteers were everywhere, a full day of games came off with very few problems. {{more:[read more]}}
Kennedale city officials were there along with the Kennedale High School Wildcat Baseball team, members of the KHS Wildcat Band and semi-pro player/KHS alumnus Austin Newell.
labor of love ?
When an events like this happens successfully, it seems so simple but those in charge know the long hours, the worry, the planning, the setbacks and the frustrations both big and small. And for the volunteers, it is not for money because there is none, it is for the kids.
At the center of it all is the KYA Baseball Commissioner Ronnie Miller. But, Miller had only praise for the work of others, giving praise for the KYA officers and ?all the help of all the volunteers.? He did have special praise for one saying, ?especially my dad, Steven Martinez, who has been at those fields more than his own home.?
City and KYA working as a team ?
Miller noted that ?The Kennedale Youth Association and the City of Kennedale are working now as a team to help make the City fields the best that we can. I have been in contact with Larry Hoover (Streets and Park Superintendent) and he is [helping to see] that all issues [at the ballpark] we have come across are fixed.?
Miller cited the specifics, ?He [Hoover] has split the cost of 4 pallets of sod, which helped repair one of the biggest problems we had with our fields. He has order 3 new loads of red ball clay for all 3 fields to get them closer to the place they need to be. He also came in and put his guys to work and they have gotten one of the score boards working and currently working to get the other two fixed. (These were broke when the copper was stolen out of them). Also, they came in and repaired all overhead lights so we can play safely at night.?
Miller concluded, ?I am very happy with the progress we have made on fields and [we] couldn’t be at the point that we are without the help of Larry Hoover and his crew.?

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