Kennedale Library UndertakesYearbook Preservation Project!

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Part of this article was from the Towncenter Kennedale Herald
A really good project has been undertaken by the Kennedale City Library. So much of community history is tied to its school. ?Kennedale has not always had a full K-12 system in the early years it was only a elementary school. Yearbooks are a way to track the growth of a community and to remember who was there. {{more}}
The Kennedale community has an?opportunity to get all of the Kennedale?school annuals (yearbooks) put into a?digital, searchable format! This will?make it much easier to search for?genealogy, local history information, or?recover from an ?oops! I?ve lost my annual? situation.?This free project is being provided by the Kennedale?Public Library…and we need your help!
Several annuals?are missing from the collection! If you have any annuals?from any of the Kennedale schools, please contact Gwen?Bevill at the Library to see if they may be the missing?pieces to our puzzle!?The digitization of the annuals will not harm the books in any way, however they will need to be loaned to us?for 2-3 weeks so that we can ship them to our partner?to complete the digitization process. Any help you can?give us toward this great preservation project would be?greatly appreciated!

Please contact Library Director Gwen Bevill at 817-985-2136 or?[email protected] ?if you have any?information.

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