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Kennedale Mayor Johnson provides summary of Governor’s executive orders

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?Posted by Kennedale Mayor Brian Johnson …
The following is a summary from Texas Municipal League on Governor Abbott’s plan on opening of the economy.? {{more: continue …}}
What ?clarifications and modifications? has the governor offered on the executive orders he issued last week?

At a press conference today, the governor announced ?clarifications and modifications? regarding the executive orders issued last week. As of distribution of this email, we haven?t yet seen an actual order or written clarification. When we obtain that, we?ll report further. The governor stated at his press conference that:

  • Funerals, memorials, burials, and weddings should be treated the same as church-type gatherings with regard to limited seating arrangements. At-risk populations are strongly encouraged to participate remotely.
  • Park-like settings such as beaches, lakes, and rivers (including river-rafting) should follow the same guidelines as required for parks regarding social distancing.
  • The 25 percent seating capacity limitation applicable to restaurants applies only to indoor seating, not outdoor seating. However, outdoor seating must comply with distancing standards.
What is the status of barbershops, cosmetologists, nail salons, and tanning salons? Or, can I get a haircut yet?

Almost! The governor announced today that barbershops, cosmetologists, nail salons, and tanning salons may open on Friday (May. Any of these services must comply with rules in what the governor referred to as his ?policy manual? (presumably, that is the previously-released ?Report to Open Texas? document, but we will clarify when we obtain any new orders). The governor stated at his press conference that the following applies:

  • One customer per stylist.
  • Appointment system only is recommended.
  • If allowing walk-ins, customers are allowed to wait inside only if they are keeping six feet of separation.
  • Six feet of separation between stations.
  • Wearing facemasks is strongly recommended.

What is the status of gyms and exercise facilities?

At today?s press conference, the governor announced that gyms and exercise facilities may open beginning on May 18. The governor stated at his press conference that the following applies:
  • Gyms may not operate at more than 25 percent capacity (this doesn?t include outside activity).
  • Showers and locker rooms must remain closed.
  • Equipment must be disinfected after each use.
  • Customers must wear gloves that cover fingers.
  • Must maintain six foot social distancing inside the gym.
  • If a customer brings equipment, like a yoga mat, the equipment must be disinfected before and after use.

What about manufacturing facilities and office buildings?

The governor also announced that manufacturing facilities and office buildings that are not deemed essential services may open in limited ways beginning on May 18. The governor stated at his press conference that the following applies:
  • Manufacturers may open with a 25 percent occupancy limitation and staggered workforce, if necessary.?
  • Manufacturing employees must maintain a six foot separation. If a six foot separation cannot be achieved, the employer must use controls like Plexiglass between work stations.
  • Businesses located in office buildings may also open on May 18. These businesses may open their offices to either five employees or 25 percent of the workforce, whichever is greater, provided that employees maintain appropriate social distancing.

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