Kindness Matters at RF Patterson

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A program started at R. F.

Patterson Elementary called the Kindness Movement is an extension of Random Acts

of Kindness with the goal of teaching and honoring empathy and kindness. {{more}}

Patterson Elementary started the program after one of the lessons that school counselor, Ms. Payne, did in the classrooms, that focused on empathy. Empathy is a difficult concept for many children, but by living it, it becomes more concrete for them.
The program at Patterson involves the adults that work in the building. The adults are encouraged to notice the acts of kindness that individual students do for others. It might be things like loaning a friend a pencil, tying a shoe for a friend, picking up paper from the floor, holding the door open for someone ? any instance where a child sees someone else?s need and helps them out.
The adult fills out a kindness paw and turns it in to the office. Each morning during announcements, these acts of kindness are read and the student is recognized. The kindness paws then go on the kindness bulletin board for the six weeks. Students love hearing about the acts of kindness.
The announcements and the paw prints are done in an effort to promote a more positive climate in the school and to be more proactive in preventing unwanted behaviors.
It has given students a better understanding of what it means to ?put yourself in someone else?s shoes.?
Many teachers have commented that they have seen a difference since this program started and it is something that the school plans to continue next year.
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