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Lee wins in a recount by one

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If nothing else, Kennedale politics is interesting. Earlier this month, it seemed that a closely watched race for Kennedale City Council between incumbent Sandra Lee and challenger Cesar Guerra had ended in a tie. {{more: continue …}}
No so, apparently to an official recount requested by Lee, who has served as the Mayor Pro-tem this past year. The Tarrant County recount which supersedes the previous count, showed a one vote margin in favor of Lee, 389-388. Kennedale City Hall confirmed the result of the recount today.?


What happened?
After Lee requested the recount, a recount committee was formed and a recount was held the Tarrant County Elections. Troy Harvard served as Recount Supervisor. Leslie Galloway, Kennedale City Secretary, served as Recount Coordinator. The committee was composed of four members and their report was released May 16, 2019.
The recount showed an undercount of 15 votes which included a mix of electronic and paper ballots, both in early voting and paper ballots.
The next step is for the Kennedale Council is to certify the results, a formality, and the new council will be set to do business for at least another year.

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